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12/15/2002 Archived Entry: "Perturbed I Am"

I'm rather perturbed now. Why? It's all about registering for classes for the next quarter. I had it all planned out. I planned to take:

Humanities 1: The Creative Mind
ICS 19A: History of Asian Civilization
Speech 7: Intercultural Communication
Art 4A: Beginning Drawing

Not a bad schedule if I do say so myself. Seems rather easy actually. My sister says that humanities and speech are a breeze, so it'd probably be just as easy for me. History of Asian civilization couldn't be that bad. It's history and for once, history that I'm somewhat interested in. Finally, beginning drawing, which would be my first art course ever. I figured that since I want to become a graphic designer, a nice basic class like beginning drawing would be a nice start. Unfortunately, my parents don't really think so. It's not so much my dad this time, but my mom. She nagged me to give up drawing and take another calc class. -_- Essentially, just she sees it as an extraneous class that I don't need to transfer. Sure, superficially it may be such, but if I want to transfer as a graphic designer, I kind think some art classes would look good. -_- Sure, I suppose I could change my mind about majors, but come on, I can take a single non IGETC class for one quarter, can't I? I planned to take calc again the spring quarter, which would be after the winter quarter, i.e. three months away. I won't forget that much in three months, don'tcha think? Unfortunately, they do think so. -_- Bah, I finally gave in and registered for Math 1B and I'm still not sure whether I'll pass 1A to meet requirements. -_- I'm taking drawing in the spring though. I've made up my mind. I already told my mom. If I really will transfer as a declared graphic designer, I'll need to get some art classes under my belt. I figure I have to begin early as to get in enough classes to actually transfer as a graphic designer. Nyeh... perturbed I am.

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hmmi should reg for classes too
don't be too ~_~ about taking math..
at least is will be soon out of the way

Posted by cinti @ 12/17/2002 01:27 PM PST

aww.. you're putting off art ;o;?! ..that's so unfair. But I suppose you are going to need some math if you want a computer job *shrugs*.
Anyway, I'm mainly commenting to say thanks for your advice ^^! Thanks, I did decide to follow my instinct XD!! Mwahaha.. my gift is gonna rock!

Posted by Lini @ 12/16/2002 06:03 PM PST

Busy busy, everyone is doing so many things! T_T... Good luck with everything, Tsubasa-kun~ But it sounds like you'll do just fine! ^^

Thank you so much for coming by, I'll really really really make an effort to keep in touch! ^^=

Posted by Maki @ 12/16/2002 04:04 PM PST

KEWL BEANS. Your taking beginning drawing. ^__^ Good sempai::tries to reach over to pat head:: and BTW I don't have school today!! The power went out! MWAHAHAA!!! Sprinkles HAPPY DUST!!

Posted by Hana @ 12/16/2002 07:33 AM PST

My parents are the same when it comes to what I want to do and what they expect of me.

But you know, its not their decision- its your future, not theirs, right? You've probably heard this a hundred times, but I just had to say it again...

Also, I love history. It was my best subject at school and I'll definitely be doing it at University.

Posted by Steph @ 12/16/2002 02:48 AM PST

*nods* e_e;; I guess art could be put off. ^^; I already have my schedule out, if you want to know I'll e-mail it to you like after my bio exam. Technically I don't have that much of a decision since like it's all... planned out for me.

But you will need art for graphics... at least, o_O;; it'd be expected. Maybe throw in digital arts if there's any?

Since I'm on semester system I guess it's different. Ahhh Saga must do last minute bio cramming now! >_o;

Posted by saga @ 12/15/2002 09:58 PM PST

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