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12/17/2002 Archived Entry: ""PoT Addicts...?" *chuckles*"

I am now a PoT addict. I tell you, the stuff's so~ addictive! I've just been at it all day. XD Yep, Prince of Tennis is very interesting. Now what did you think I was talking about? XD Yes, I found a new obsession in the form of PoT. I started watching it on Saturday and I've gone through 46 episodes as I write this. Of course, after writing this entry, I'm getting right back on it. I have 54 episodes and I need to watch them all. ^_^ What's so great about it? It just has that draw you in quality. You know... the "you better watch more or you'll die... or at least want to" quality. ^_^ If any of you have seen Initial D, you understand what I'm talking about. I recommend you folks watch it. Even if you aren't particuarily fond of tennis, I'm sure you'll find the show amazing. I can't believe that it's not extremely popular. I know it very well could be. Hm... heh heh... just got an idea for a clique. I can see it now: "PoT Addicts" or "PoTheads...." XD Now lets see if I actually feel like following through and getting off my lazy butt and making it. ^_^;;

Otherwise, my days have been rather mundane. Eh... something to talk about... something to talk about.... Hey, you know what? I bought a Maglite! ^_^ Yes, I've been meaning to get one for a while. Actually... technically, my sister bought it for me, but I'm paying her back. You don't know how happy this makes me. I'm not sure if you people understand, but ever since I was little, I've killed numerous flashlites. By "numerous," I mean like every flashlight I've ever owned. ^_^; Granted, the vast majority of flashlights I've owned were rather cheap in make, so it's slightly more understandable. But still, I guess I'm a bit harsh on my flashlights. I honestly don't see how, but I suppose I am. *shrugs* At least now I have a Maglite, which I'm assuming will take quite a bit of abuse. It's a cute little keychain one too, so I can put it on my keys. ^_^

Oh, I signed up for a Streamload account. My friend convinced me to get one, so I did. Dang, I never knew Streamload was so good for getting anime! I got so much stuff off her and I can download these things without a cap on my download speed! That means I can download an episode in maybe 15 minutes. Good ol' DSL. ^_^ Anyone else have an account? I want to fluff up my anime collection. I'll be willing to trade. ^_^


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see?! ^_^ i told ya! after getting streamload, you'll never wanna DL anime off anywhere else... ever again!!! @_@

Posted by dandan @ 12/22/2002 03:44 PM PST


Posted by T-Chan` @ 12/18/2002 07:49 PM PST

Hey~~ droppin' by, saw your post, and thought I'd comment.

I looove PoT~! XDDD Who says it's not popular? It's hell popular in Japan anyways... I guess that people overseas have to find out about it first. *cough*Tezuka*cough*

Anyways, I've only read the manga, and I sure wish I could watch the anime. T___T *envy envy*

Posted by Yuli @ 12/18/2002 08:12 AM PST

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