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12/19/2002 Archived Entry: "PHHS Anime Club Christmas Party"

Boy it was rainy today! Darn storms. -_-

I went out today to pick up something for my sister. She had work, so she couldn't go. Instead, she sent me to run the errand. So I headed out to the Great Mall! Unfortunately for me, it was unbelievably bad out there. Sure, the rain was harsh, but I could deal with that. What really annoyed me was the constant fogging of my windows! I had to open up the passenger side window and crack open the back two windows and then I had to wait for a while for it to get non-foggy. It was insane I tell you. I was cold. -_-

After that, I stopped by my old high school for the anime club's Christmas party. Well... it was slightly less of a party and more like a gathering of people with food and video games, but it was alright. I played games and chatted. It was funny. I got a couple: "hey, didn't you graduate last year?s" ^_^; I suppose it's a legitimate question, but I just came because of my friend miss President's invite.

My friend gave me a really cool present! She gave me a little hand-made Nako doll! XD I'm sure most of you know why I'm so happy. XD XD XD I really like it. It's all Nako-like and good. XD I know you'll read this, so: thanks Megumi! I appreciate the effort and you made my day. ^_^

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Cool... sounds like a lot of fun. XD and I don't know who Nako is but.. i'm sure its cute.

Posted by Steph @ 12/21/2002 08:06 AM PST

Yeah, go me. It is a wise thing to be acquainted with the president. ^oo^ oink

Posted by Shelly @ 12/20/2002 04:37 PM PST

aww how cool ^^
goo shelly ^

Posted by Cinti @ 12/20/2002 09:37 AM PST

You're welcome Sempai. ^_^

Posted by Megumi @ 12/20/2002 05:04 AM PST

wow.. looks like ur getting two dolls for christmas.. i mean opps did I say that out loud=X

I got it for you a while back. e dum, i really gotta think before i type.. yah


Posted by T-Chan @ 12/19/2002 11:49 PM PST

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