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12/22/2002 Archived Entry: "We Need More Stuff to Do!"

Today was another day of slacking off with the friendly-units. More of the usual: time spent at the mall and MGL. There is such little variety in places to go where I live! My friends and I always want to think of something different to do, but we're never able to because... well... there isn't anything else to do. There's the mall, Golfland, and occasionally bowling or pool. Of course, bowling and pool never seem to happen because it's just not something we care to do too often. So that means that we go to the mall and MGL very often. I tell you, the mall can get rather stale when it's the only place to kinda hang out. I know my friend Cinti is just about burned out on the mall. Darnit all! There needs to be more stuff to do around here! ;_;

Man, you don't know how lazy I've been this vacation. I've been meaning to do a lot of work on various site things and possibly finally get TsuNU up, but laziness has struck me so~ hard. I know I'm lazy, but I didn't expect myself to be anywhere near this lazy. Sometimes, I find myself with nothing to do, so I consider getting to work, but then laziness kicks in and I just do nothing. Really, I'm just on the computer, surfing sites and forums. Many times, I refresh hoping for an update or new post. ^_^; Yah, I needs to do something. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll do any anytime soon. ^_^;;

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I am like that too... laziness wise. You should see my room.. nobody can walk through it because its so messy. And I just couldn't be bothered cleaning it up. Although I (and everone else) would like to see TsuNU up, don't force or rush yourself with it. Just do whatever, whenever.


Posted by Steph @ 12/23/2002 02:37 AM PST

Oi! I saw you all today! Haha, you passed by me once when I was in my sister's car (it's red). You were just coming up Toyon. I was like "Hey! That's David and Julie and James! Hmm...they're probably heading to Shelly's..." and then my sister and I went to 7-11 and she forgot her cell phone there so we had to go back and on the way back you guys passed me again! But ya'll didn't know it. =P And I saw Shelly this time. "Hey, it's Shelly!" I said. "I was right."

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 12/22/2002 11:24 PM PST

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