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12/23/2002 Archived Entry: "Bye Bye Corolla... ;_;"

Oh my gosh, you wouldn't believe what happened to me today.

Alright, so I had made plans to go out with my friends Karen and Allan because... well... I don't get to see Karen often and she's home for holidays (Allan wanted to come along for the same reason). Alright. So we went to her house and had some fun times there. Then we went out to watch a movie at the Great Mall. On our way to the general area where we were going to park, I turned into one of the parking lanes, when BANG! some guy in a '91 Ford Ranger barrels into the front of my car! Needless to say, I was all "oh my freakin' gosh!!!!!!!!!!" Before I knew it, my entire front end was smashed and his left front end was damaged, although substantially less so. You don't know how freaked out I was. I stopped the engine and us three got out. Fortunately for us, none of us got any injuries worth mentioning. Karen got a very, very mild bloodening on the side of her face and Allan got some bruises and a very, very mild bloodening too. Amazingly, even though I was in front, I recieved the least amount of injuries. I was left relatively unscathed, aside from a couple of stains on my pants. After some recollecting and calling my parents, I traded information with the guy. The guy went to get a tow truck, while we three waited for my parents. My mom arrived and chatted with the man, as his car was being put up on the tow truck. After the guy's car was taken away to his house, my dad came and then we called AAA to tow it back to our house.

Yes, now I know that's a really condensed story and it gets really succinct, but I don't feel like describing in any further detail. What I will explain is more about the crash. Let me just say that it was his fault. Why? Because, to slam into my car, he was cutting across several empty rows of parking at a high speed. I can't be exact, but I'm sure he must have been going 30+ mph. I was going probably about 10-15 mph because I essentially just entered the parking lane. Now I suppose I could be slightly at fault because I wasn't aware enough, but hey, you shouldn't have to be aware of oncoming cars through parking lanes. -_-

Honestly, throughout all of this, I was not at all worried about the trouble I could get in, the hike in insurance rate, or any possible lecture my dad could give me. Instead, I was only thinking about the poor car. Now, it's a belief of mine that machinery have feelings. I'm not talking about being moody. How can I explain it...? I feel that machines don't like it when they are mistreated. Like, take a car. I think cars don't appreciate being pushed hard all the time, not being given proper maintainance, being driven harshly, etc. Because of that, I've always had some level of respect for my car. It's my friend, my companion. It is always with me and it has always been reliable. In return, I've tried to take it easy and to drive it the way I think it deserves to be driven: with respect. Besides, this is a '82 Corolla wagon that has always been in my life. Heck, it's older than me! It has been through a lot and through much of it, I was in the car. I have no inhibition to say that I love it. Sure, it was old, had no power steering, no air conditioning, no CD player, seemingly nonexistant shocks, and it was underpowered, but regardless, I love the thing. I think all those things add character. I actually like the fact that it has no power steering, not to mention, it's an FR, which is my favorite drivetrain. So yes, I was sad. You don't know how sorry I felt. The car doesn't deserve this. My friend doesn't deserve this. Looking at the bent hood and the smashed front end, you don't know how sadened I was. This sadness was only augmented when my dad told me that it's not worth it to repair the car. I held it in at the time, but when I got home, I cried. The car never deserved this.

In the end, I didn't really get in trouble with the parents. My dad didn't give me a lecture. I'm rather glad about that because I'm already feeling plenty of pain. To think, I'll never drive the car again. It's hard enough on me. They're going to get me a new car or probably more realistically, a new used car, but I can't be happy. Sure, I wanted a new car, but I didn't want it to be because of something like this. All I really want is for my car to be repaired. I'd be more than happy.

To add insult to injury, tomorrow AAA's going to come by and give us an estimate. Being that it's an '82 car, we won't be getting much. ;_;

I was intending to finish up a Christmas layout, but darnit, I'm certainly not in the mood now, nor do I believe that I will anytime soon. Sorry to deny you folks my l337 designing skillz, but I think you'll understand.

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THE 82!!!
We have memmories in that thing!!!
this is almost like losing the cracker box ;-;

Posted by cinti @ 12/26/2002 06:13 PM PST


Posted by riku @ 12/25/2002 11:52 AM PST

The car crash is scary... even just mentioning about it gives me bad thoughts. You're just like Gackt, really loves his car, but Gackt's a narcissist and loves to speed with his cars.. xD

You should tell your parents you would rather get your car repaired then get a new one. *nods* Happy holidays and I hope all goes well.

Check ye mail!

Posted by Mizuki @ 12/24/2002 04:08 PM PST

whoa.. =O My friends Brian told me he saw a collision course at the great mall, I'm asuming it was the same collision as yours=O

* hugs* hope you guys are okay=O and I'm sorry about what happened to the car=(, be thankful that everyone is okay though^^

Posted by T-Chan @ 12/24/2002 11:38 AM PST

I don't know what to say.. are you okay :O? I hope you're not hurt ;-:! Was the other guy hurt :O?! ..Well, look on the bright side, at least he can't sue you (i hope) since he's the one who crashed into you!! Anyway, you shouldn't worry about the car so much.. I know how you feel, I get attached to things I've had for a while too, but I'm sure your new car will be great too, and you'll get used to it soon ^^. All that matters is that no one is seriously hurt.

Posted by Lini @ 12/24/2002 11:04 AM PST

We must neveer jump to conclusions whilst in ur car....i.e, once I said I was so glad I didn't have to take the bus that day and BAM! Your car won't start. Then on Sunday, ur going on about how you never get into crashes. I think u jinxed it....and that isn't really an encouraging thought, is it? Er.....I'm glad to hear that ur okay, I heard it from Megumi first before I read it here. And I hope Allan and Karen are okay, though judging by your description of their injuries, I'm sure they're fine. Chin up Sempai. Just because you're a good driver doesn't mean everyone else is.

Posted by Shelly @ 12/24/2002 10:23 AM PST

OMG! How horrible! =O Are you ok? Is everyone else okay too?

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 12/24/2002 06:41 AM PST

hi davie! =D
My blog was on hiatus and now it is back. I am letting everyone in my former links list know. it would be nice of you if you took a look..=D
lots of love!

Posted by Bruna @ 12/24/2002 03:46 AM PST

OMFG.And I was just in that car yesterday...Sempai you have to be more careful when you drive, but what happened to Karen and Allan worries me the most.I was wondering if both of them are alright??

Posted by Hana @ 12/23/2002 09:13 PM PST

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