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12/25/2002 Archived Entry: "Special Edition 2"

Just Wingin' It Special Edition 2: "Christmas: Riku style"

Yes, new layout! And here you may have thought I wouldn't have one because I said that I gave up on it. Well, you would have been correct, had my layout-fiend of an imouto, Riku, not given me one as a Christmas present. ^_^ Thanks so~ very much imouto!!! *glomp* (yes, that's my first glomp ever ^_^;). This layout features various images drawn by artist extrordinare: Aoi Nanase. I think they are all supposed to be Nako images, but that main image isn't. ^_^; It's alright imouto, I know you meant well. ^_^ Eh... I hope you peoples like it. Send any praises Riku's way.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 XD

I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I intend to send out some nice holidays wishes and to put up one of them "Christmas wishes images," everyone seems to be putting up on their logs, but right now my cousin has invited me to go watch LotR: TTT. I really got to go now, so I'll be back later tonight with seasons well-wishings and all that good crap. ^_^

Too late (12:16 AM). Not in the mood to type a lot. Gonna do them holiday wishings tomorrow... eh... later today.... ^_^;

[edit: part II]

There we go. That's a little taste of what I was working on for my Christmas layout. I figured that I'd at least make some use of it. Maybe I'll bring it back for next year in full layout format.... *shrugs*

Alright, I know it's the day after Christmas now, but darnit, I can still wish everyone a good Christmas! =P Thank you everyone that has been there for me throughout this year. I kinda wanted to make individual image thingies for each of you, but I kinda didn't have the time, so I hope you're all satisfied with that little generic "holiday greeting" image up there. *points up* If not... well... then you suck! =P

Oh, some others have e-mailed me image-presents too:
Thank you everyone. I appreciate it muchly. I feel so special that you all sent me something. Especially you Mizuki, yours was all personal-like.

On Christmas Eve, I actually got a chance to use duct tape for its intended purpose! My dad took me over to my uncle/aunt/grandma's house to work on the air ducts. These weren't any normal air ducts though. Apparently the ducts had bursted at a time, leaving a mess up there. Not only that, the space allowed to work was rather small, especially considering my height. Because of this, for the last six years, several handymen have refused to even work on the thing. ^_^; My dad undertook the job because he wanted some extra money and what better way than to exploit your own relatives? j/k ^_^ He wants to start doing some handyman work to get some extra income, just in case he might need it in these bad economic times. Anyway, it wasn't exactly a pleasant job, but I did it and got $50 for my services. Score! ^_^

This year's Christmas was somewhat boring. For most of the day, I was stuck at home playing A Link to the Past, which isn't really a bad thing, but I'm not exactly in the mood for an RPG right now, but that was the only thing I had to play. ^_^; I did go to watch LotR: TTT and it was pretty good I guess, but I don't know... I was expecting more. I heard there was a lot of action, so I was expecting more than there was. Oh well, that scene with the Ents was the best! XD

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Mery Christmas, Tsubasa ^-^!! ..Sorry I haven't had time to make you anything..eek.. but I will :P!! Loving the new layout, my compliments to Riku ^o^!! So what other presents did you get this year (from your parents, etc?) I think I did pretty good, my parents gave me a yukata robe (a real japanese one and everything!!) ..and a friend gave me a Vampire Hunter D tape ^o^!! Christmas ROCKS!!
p.s. -- are you in Christmas spirit yet ^-~??

Posted by Lini @ 12/26/2002 06:10 PM PST

merry belated xmas onii-chan! :3 glad you liked the gift... although it is a bit red. ^^;; (woohoo! riku saved the day with a layout! *dances*) i tried finding lots and lots of nakoruru pics cuz i knew you liked her but i could only find black and white ones, so i stuck a random (pretty? ^^;) girl in the middle and put nakoruru-chan around the side and in the background. xD sorry the main pic turned out to not be nako! *falls over* demo demo... it's still xmasy? ^^; good to hear xmas wasn't all that bad either. ^_~

Posted by riku @ 12/26/2002 11:37 AM PST

Spiffy layout sempai. Plase send my regards to Riku. ^__^ BTW, Merry Christmas David. I was about to make you something Nako-ish, but u know me ish lazy. YESH.

Posted by Hana @ 12/25/2002 10:15 PM PST

Merry Christmas Davey-Kun^_^. I be getting me present ot you soon by Vincey Express.

Wonderful Layout XDDDDD

Posted by T-CHan @ 12/25/2002 09:57 PM PST


Posted by Megumi-chan @ 12/25/2002 08:34 PM PST

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