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12/26/2002 Archived Entry: "Off to Westminster...?"

Today was a fun day with the sister and her friend. What better way to celebrate the day after Christmas than shopping? ^_^

First, we went to Mervyn's, where the friend bought a teddy bear. Mervyn's be boring, so we didn't linger. ^_^ Next was Kinokuniya and boy, having money at Kinokuniya feels so~ good. ^_^ Most of the time I go there, I have $20 at most, so I can't really buy anything outside of maybe a few manga, a magazine, or maybe a single. Although I had a lot of money this time, I decided to have some restraint because I kinda like the idea of having money. I only bought one CD: The Leaf Piano Collection Vol. 1. I really~ like it. Not only am I a bishoujo game fan, I'm a piano fan, so this was right up my alley. Didn't hurt that Multi was on the cover. ^^ <3 After that, onto Joanne's fabrics in Cupertino. I've never been to the place, so it was interesting looking around. I don't think it had enough fabric, but maybe it was just the store and the fact that (I'm assuming) many people bought fabrics for the holidays. My sister and friend bought a Christmas present for their landlord-lady there. After going by Tapioca Express for a drink, we headed to Valley Fair, where we couldn't find a parking space for a long time and thus we went to Target instead. There we just browsed because we could. I wanted to go to the nearby comic store afterwards, so we went and I got an Aa! Megami-sama tankouban. Finally (last stop), we went to a nearby female clothing store called "Vivi," where the women-folk browsed and did girly clothes buying and such.

You peoples won't be seeing me back for a while. When I say a while, I mean for two days. ^_^; I'm going off to a wedding for a distant relative of mine in Westminster, CA. I'm going later today (Friday) and I'm coming back sometime Sunday. I don't understand why my family was even invited. Come on, I don't know this person, like, at all and I'm pretty sure that my parents don't know her very well either. Not to mention, this is one hell of a car ride just to go through for a wedding. I wouldn't mind had it been someone I actually knew or was blood related to, but this relation is distant enough that it isn't even a blood relation. -_- I don't want to go, but the parents are making me. Gwar I say, gwar! I guess in the meantime, everyone's gonna have to live without my brilliant ramblings. How will you all past the time? XD

My savior! XD

What did I get in real life? I gots lots o' money, a chopstick holder, a T-shirt, a Kuroneko plushie, a hand-made Nako doll, a card and trading cards from Saga, and a Santa mug. I say that's a mighty nice haul. Especially considering how I've already gotten a GBA w/Golden Sun & Zelda, a copy of the first part of third Sakura Taisen OVA Limited Edition version, and the Leaf Piano Collection Vol. 1 using my money. ^_^ But darn, you got a yukata!? Lucky bum.... *grumbles* As for Christmas spirit, nope. I am in the spirit of capitalism though. Long live capitalism!!!!!!!!!11 XD

'Tis all you'll get from the David for now. He shall now retreat to his bed and shall return in a matter of days. You may leave him a message in that little thing referred to as a "comment box." XD

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*prods you* ne ne... get tsu.nu up! ^_~

Posted by riku @ 12/28/2002 06:47 PM PST

Wai! You have been traveling to and fro! And Kinokuniyaaaa -- which i have not visited yet ;(

*lol* Have fun at the wedding, Tsubasa-kun! -^^- You should pretend to be sick to not go to the wedding... but that's not good either >_>.. Forget me advice! ^^;

Posted by Mizuki @ 12/28/2002 05:15 PM PST

You went to ValleyFair on the same day =O eh, I went during the night time so i coulda missed yah.

KK has new books that I wanna get, but eh, I've been too lazy to get them and acturally pay money =X meh.

la de da~ watch WeiB Kreuz =D

Posted by T-Chan @ 12/28/2002 10:13 AM PST

eeek... I'm so behind reading blogs... ;_; i love the new layout. It's gorgeous. I hope you had a great Christmas.

I love Kinokuniya too! Though, like you say... it helps if you have money with you... =p I can often only afford one manga. The CD you bought sounds nice!

Anyway, have a good time at the wedding. Wedding's are so beautiful and I always cry at them... o_O

Posted by Steph @ 12/27/2002 10:33 PM PST

Okay.. I know it's a bit late, but I promised you a gift, so I made one ^^!! ...does this thing support HTML? Eek, let's hope so. HERE it is! Like I said, sorry it's late but I couldn't decide what to put on it ^^;; First I thought of Nakoruru, but then I figured everyone else would be doing that, so I remembered that you like Sakura too and..yeah! Guess you won't see it 'til you get back, but that's okay.. it could be more of a New Year's gift than a Christmas gift ^-~! Enjoy!

Posted by Lini @ 12/27/2002 10:30 AM PST

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