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12/30/2002 Archived Entry: "Corolla Won't be Fixed...."

You know, I was supposed to go to Tahoe to snowboard/play in snow with my cousins today. It was kinda like a spur of the moment kinda decision. We were going to go for two nights and two days. That didn't happen. Apparently the conditions out there right now are really harsh. My cousin didn't feel like going out there and driving, let alone playing around in the snow. I even went out to Old Navy to buy a nice jacket, gloves, and hat. ;_; My cousin called maybe three hours before we were supposed to leave and told my sister and me that we weren't going. We'll probably push it back to Friday and Saturday. It's not definite though.

Life without a car is so~ different. Come on, I went eighteen years without one and only eight months into my driving career, I've gotten so accustomed to it I'm feeling withdrawl. -_-; I'm all like "I want to go somewhere," but I can't because I don't have a ride. -_- Oh about the whole fixing the Corolla thing, apparently it's not happening. Body shop guy came over and looked at it. Apparently it's fixable (what car isn't?), but the guy wasn't too thrilled at the idea of working with such an old car. Probably'd cost extra too. So I'm getting a new car. Apparently (I think it was), my cousin's boyfriend's father works at the bank in the repossessment department. You know what that means? I'll be getting a repossessed car. ^_^; Yah, don't know what it'll be yet, but I hope I get a say in what it'll be. Come on, I'm the one going to drive the car. Although knowing my dad, I'm not sure whether that'll happen. -_- I just want an import compact FR....

I'm playing Yoshi's Island for my GBA. It's so fun! XD Never got to play it back in the day, but I was always gawking at the graphics. I'm glad I picked it up. Haven't been hooked on a game like this in a while. Hopefully I'll be able to order Memories Off 2nd sometime.... ^_^

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awww Poor David=O * huggles* driving deprived =(

Oh Vincey Chu has my X mas gift for you, you should get it from him

Yoshi is the cutest thing! XD he dies cutely too, he like spins around in a twirl, stays still for a moment, and then plops on the floor makinga sqeaking noise XD.. and then them big eyed things take him to the castle and the castle wobbles when they get inside XD. heee so cute so cute. He also makes that funny noise when he struggles staying in the air.. hehe goooo Yoshi XD

Posted by T-Chan @ 12/31/2002 01:14 AM PST

I hope you enjoy your new car. OK... not perverted enjoy, but I hope you like it ^^= *sighhhhh* I have never been to Lake Tahoe before.... or even snowboarding.. or even seen snow >_>;... Take some pictures, ne, Tsubasa-kun?? send them to me -^^-.. xD~

Posted by Mizuki @ 12/30/2002 09:17 PM PST

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