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01/01/2003 Archived Entry: "Happy New Years 2003"

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 XD

Ohhohohoho... my last entry of the year was cut off. Fixed it. Scroll down to read the completed entry. ^_^; (thanks for bringing that to my attention Lini)

You know what I was thinking last night? Why the heck is there a tradition of dropping a ball for new years? Does that make any sense? "It's new years! Let's drop a big sparkly ball!!!" -_- I can't figure it out. Was someone drunk when they thought of the idea? I wouldn't be surprised. It happens at new years....

One other thing I thought about last night: why do people still make new years resolutions? I'm pretty darn sure no one ever keeps them throughout an entire year. Besides, what's the point? If you want to resolve to do something, why don't you decide to the moment you think of it? Why can't it be a continuous thing, not just a "for this year" kinda thing? That's why I never make new years resolutions anymore. The only reason why I ever did was because my grade school teachers made us make them as wee tikes. -_-

So I wake up this morning of the new year and you know what? I'm sick. -_- It's nothing really serious, but darnit, I don't like to be sick. Although, I'm pretty sure that's a given. My physiology teacher in high school once said that your health is the most important thing to have. Sure, you could have all the money in the world, but if you're sick and feel like crap, you can't enjoy it, can you? I suppose I'd have to agree with him. Right now I'm not exactly feeling like crap, but my nose is running. Gwar I say, gwar....

Thinking about it, there really isn't much time left for my vacation! Must find ways to enjoy myself further....

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Oi! I'm back from my Vegas trip. And whaddyou know I'm sick too!! XD::sniff:;sniff::achoo!!:::shakes::Oooooo I feel like crap and your right about peeps making their NY resolutions. I think its a joke...

Posted by Hana @ 01/02/2003 07:53 PM PST

just landed on your weblog... lovely design... ;]... hehe i make new year's resolutions just for the fun of it!

Posted by Hoyin @ 01/02/2003 05:49 PM PST

get well soon =3

and yes.. make it a point to see me =3

Posted by Cinti @ 01/02/2003 11:01 AM PST

Happy New Years David =D

Hope you feel better.. I = sick too

Bug the Vincey Chu to get ur x mas gift if you haven't already

we should hang out more

Posted by T-Chan @ 01/01/2003 05:30 PM PST

Yay! I knew it wasnt just my compy messing up. No problem, this kind of things happens to me a lot (Blogger is evil..EVIL!).
*laughs* Ive never thought about the whole ball-dropping tradition before XD!! But now that you mention it, it is very oddo_o;; Why didnt they drop a square?
Aww, feel better, Tsubasa ;o;! at least you still have more vacation-ness left to rest and get better! This is my last day of freedom *sniff sniff*.

Posted by Lini @ 01/01/2003 05:20 PM PST

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