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01/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Version 15"

Just Wingin' It Version 15: "Doryaa~!"

MUULLLLTTIIIIIII~!!!!!!1111 XD XD XD Oh man, Multi rulz. Thus, the new layout. XD *cough* My rabid fanboyness aside, I'm sure you'll find this layout to be... well... different. And you would be correct. I designed this layout with differentness in mind. After surfing through tons of logs, I noticed a really big "lets use a whole bunch of blurring and blending effects to make everything look connected" trend. While that's all well and good, I've decided to deviate a smidge from the norm and to make a attractive layout using really well defined objects. No fancy smansy blending options here (except for the scanline overlay for the background and soft light on the text). Alright, so it's not the best layout in the world. I see a fair number of design flaws that are kinda gnawing away at me, but all in all, I don't think it's that bad. And yes, if you have been wondering, I took quite a bit of inspiration from the Spiral opening. Sue me, I like the effects in that opening. ^_^ Hm... I've been at some deliberation about this, but me thinks I'll add Multi to that list of "loves" in the sidebar sometime.... XD Oh, and note: make sidebar narrower....

Today was my last day of freedom before the beginning of schooling once again. Yes, tomorrow will be the beginning of a new quarter for me. While I'm sure most people would be dreading the though of school after vacation, I'm personally not all that fazed. Actually, I'm kinda looking forward to it. No, I'm not some sick freak, I'm just feeling like I've had enough vacation and that it feels like time to go back to school again. Besides, I'm kinda looking forward to driving my slick new car to school everyday. XD Darn the whole FFness of it all! *shakes fist*

I'm sorry, imouto! I got your card and all, and I got you a card too, but being the lazy bum I am, I haven't sent it out yet. *coughorwrittenanythingforthatmattercough* But I shall get that out to you soon! *determination*

I'll be looking out for that e-mail. ^_^

I shall "drive the mother outta [the] car!" XD Well, I'm not exactly gonna be pressing it hard too often, especially since it's new, but eventually I'll put it through its paces. I kinda need to find a place to do it though. Not exactly gonna street race it because I'm not that stupid. ^_^ But dang, your brother has a Supra he doesn't drive!? For crying out loud! Supra's are cars that are just screaming to be driven; driven hard. What a waste....

Here's a picture of a '03 Corolla LE. Mine will be in gray. Well... it's not exactly as good a the green color, but I guess I'll make due. Besides, I didn't really have a choice of colors.... Have I seen it yet? Not yet. There wasn't one on the lot that had every feature my parents wanted, so they'll have to pick it up tomorrow. They need to install the alarm system.

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Love the new layout!!! It looks sooo... swirly and awesome. *stares at circle-like designs* ...oooo.. @.@!!
Wow, the spirals and circles must have been a pain to do :o!! Also, I like the shade of green you picked. It's very relaxing, yet at the same time it stands out! Good job!

Posted by Lini @ 01/06/2003 06:07 PM PST

You bet it's a total waste... my brother drives it occasionally (but seems to like taking my Camry more); apparently my brother says he doesn't wanna drive the Supra much because he doesn't want to put miles on it. Xx;;; Ooookay. Ergh, my brother's a moron. :B

Wooooow, out of all your layouts this one's my favorite! So green and gooood~ :E I love those bubbly circles; I know for a fact they're a total bi-atch to position them all together and make it look good. @_@ True, the Photoshop blending thing is sort of a trend, but I guess it depends on what your going for... like with my current journal layout, I wanted to make it look glowy, and the Outer Glow just wasn't enough for me. :PPPPP

Posted by Saka @ 01/06/2003 01:48 AM PST

^^ E-mail sent! lol, it's ok about the card. I was wondering if you got it or not.

And I like this layout! Tsu-kun has this unique style to his layouts that I like to see a lot ^^

Posted by saga @ 01/06/2003 01:22 AM PST

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