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01/09/2003 Archived Entry: "I'm Playing Closed Beta!"

What's been up with my first few days of schooling?

I assessed my classes pretty darn correctly in my last post. Humanities seems interesting and easy, speech seems too PC, and history may be a tad boring (when is it not?), but the subject matter is interesting. As for the calc class I've been trying to add, I'm not exactly added to it yet, but I'm essentially assured a seat. The class is on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:45-5:55 PM. The teacher says that if I go to one or two more classes, she'll add me. You see, on Monday, I went to a class at 1:30-3:40, hoping to add, but was turned down. I didn't realize that there was another class starting at 3:45, so I went home. When I realized it and made it into the class on Wednesday, the teacher lady told me that because I didn't show up for the first day, she can't tell whether I'm sincere about learning the material. What the heck? So I just happened to miss one day and she has to get on my case. Pretty anal if you ask me. She said that I have to go through one or two more classes and do all the work to show that I'm sincere. Only then will she add me. Pretty easy, but it still peeves me. One good thing about school is that I don't have any classes on Fridays. Yes, doesn't that rule? I get three-day weekends, yo! XD

As for going to school, I've been doing it in my new '03 Corolla. Let me just tell you, this thing feels darn different from my old '82 'rolla. It feel a lot more luxurious. Well, that's to be expected from a newer car. But the whole comfort level thing isn't such a big deal to me. What is a big deal is how much differently it handles from my old car. Being an FF and being that I had very little experience driving FFs beforehand, I was in for a surprise. I find that I have to take a lot of turns much sharper than I had to in the past. If I don't, then my rear either won't clear the corner (i.e. run onto the curb) or the end won't be lined up straight when I exit. It's really annoying. I can more or less tolerate it on the road because I don't really hit curbs, but my parking is horrendous sometimes and that annoys me. Backing out of parking is horrible too. I can't move my rear anywhere, so I have to back out more or less straight. I could back out so much better in my FR.... -_-

I registered for RO!!! XD They are taking applications for the "closed" beta again, so I signed up. Once again, I'm going to make a female acolyte. I'm planning to go down the support/warp route. It's going to be tough, but I'll do it. I'm hoping to become a priestess before the end of the beta. Does anyone reading this play RO? Give me your names and I'll message you or something. ^_^ Either that or wait til I can make my character and I'll post the name here.

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What's up with teachers these days?You don't have any classes on Fridays?I'm turning green!RO?I've never heard of it :P

Posted by Anya @ 01/11/2003 01:03 AM PST

I play RO! My name is Jenny Archer and im an archer of course and almost a hunter. Hard to get exp when youre high level though.

Posted by Kim @ 01/11/2003 12:44 AM PST

hey david i play ro my name is Sataya XD well my thief is sooo cool he's like pimp status haha, or my soon to be thief i hope i can get it working by the end of this weekend i wanna do the gift thingy

Posted by Sataya @ 01/11/2003 12:35 AM PST

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