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01/11/2003 Archived Entry: "iRO = My Life"

What have I been up to? Not much. Homework here... slacking off there... and lots o' RO on the side. XD

Yes, my account has been activated by the kind people over there at Gravity. And yes, I have myself a cute little female acolyte. Aren't you all proud of me? ^_^ Currently she be base level 16, job level 10. She has purple hair and is wearing a santa hat. What's her name? "Wisteria." Feel free to message me if you play. Just tell me that you got my name through this log, ok?

How have I been spending my time in RO? Just messing around really. If I really wanted to, I'd probably be a higher level now. I'm spending a lot of my time chatting and messing around with my friends. Actually, I'm playing right now. I just kinda alt+tabbed out of the program. My friends are currently playing hide and seek in Morroc. XD Yep, we have way too much fun we do.

Eh... I really want to type something else, but there isn't anything else to say. Outside of RO there's only homework and I'm sure you peoples don't want to hear about that stuff. Who'd want to read: "uh... I read my text book and did math problems...." ^_^ Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say soon.

Waa~! I met you online! ^_^ Thanks for helping me out, even though I was so weak. I'll join you sometime when I'm a higher level, ok? For now, I'll hopefully get my higher level friends to tank for me. Next time, lets chat a bit more.

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Great site :9 Interesting posts too!! ^^

Posted by bloohusky @ 01/13/2003 03:11 AM PST

Sure! Im sorry i couldnt help much because my archer isnt good at tanking, but look me up anytime when you want to join me or if you just want to chat ^^

Posted by Kim @ 01/12/2003 12:18 AM PST

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