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01/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Too Much RO!"

Aa~... haven't posted in a few days. My nights have been somewhat occupied with homework and whatever other time I had, I spent it on iRO. ^_^; I'm level 31/22 now. Yes, I'm getting up there. ^_^

School's been the same old same old. After going to classes for two weeks, I have more of a feel of what my classes will be like for the rest of the quarter. Humanities will be interesting. Speech will be a trying class with it dealing with a bunch of political correctness crap. History will be somewhat boring, but occasionally amuzing because of my teacher. Math will be not quite so bad because my teacher takes a lot of time to explain. When I say "a lot," I mean a lot. She moves so~ slowly! I guess that's a good thing for a calc class, so things be good. *thumbs up*

Eh... as for other happenings in my life, things are mundane. Aside from the whole crayon and chapstick incident, don't have much to note. Been hanging out with the guys pretty often. Essentially that boils down to either playing RO or having them show me Strong Bad E-mail. It's been fun though, just nothing spectacular.

Eh... and as much as I'd like to add more supposedly interesting banter to this post, I'm playing RO right now, so I'll be off! XD

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cool page. I really like your blog design.

Posted by Nat @ 01/17/2003 02:16 PM PST

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