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01/19/2003 Archived Entry: "Transformers Steering Wheel Cover!!!!!!11"

The sisterly unit has returned for the weekend! Yes, down from the amazingly dull city of Davis, CA she has come. Yep.

Yesterday she went out with her friends, but today we spent the day together. We went out shopping. ^_^ After stopping by her workplace to do some things she needed to do, we went off to a nice little asian market called Ranch 99 to buy a spiffy decorative bambo plant thing for her friend. Nearby was a Q-Cup. For the uninformed, that's a chain of boba (pearl tea) stores. I can't say that I care for their chicken (Tapioca Express chicken ownz! XD), but they have lychee flavored tea and darnit, lychee is one of my favorite artificial flavorings (right up there with peach). We went in and looked around. Then I checked my wallet to find a mere $1 staring back at me, mocking me. -_- Darnit all! Gwar! *shakes fist* I wanted some lychee boba!!!!!!!111 ;_; Still feeling the hurt, we left and headed out to a mall refered to as "Valley Fair." Now I'm sure most everyone in this area has already gone there, but I haven't. Don't know why, I just never have. So today was an interesting adventure in an unfamiliar mall. My sister wanted to buy a Swiss army knife. Don't know why.... She just wanted the thing; in purple. So we headed to the spiffy store entitled "King of Knives." With a name like that, how could you go wrong? XD There were all manners of slick and dangerous looking sharp things in there. I was in freakin' heaven. j/k I just like playing with knives, that's all. XD Unfortunately for her, they didn't have the knife she wanted in stock, so we left that place empty handed. Wanting to get her friend a present, we went into Hot Topic. There, I saw one of the coolest things I've seen in recent memory: a Transformers steering wheel cover! Oh yeah, Transformers rulz. Feeling the insatiable urge to purchase the thing, I gave in and got a spiffy Autobot one. Yes, so now I have a really cool Transformers steering wheel cover. Be jealous. I know you want to. XD

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Honestly, I've never been there much either. I know its less than 10 vists I believe..XD. Hey, have u been to Kim Lee?? That one place nexr to Ocean Supermarket. Their Boba Tea and Dim sum is nummy. X9 Oh, and I'm not jealous about ur steering wheel thingy majig gawd...=p

Posted by Hana @ 01/21/2003 12:12 AM PST

Nee, Sempai, I've never been to Valley Fair either. Fushigi da ne? ^_^; hehe

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 01/20/2003 03:27 PM PST

lol. xD I wish I could have as much fun as Tsu-kun does. ^^ I didn't know Tsu-kun liked lychee flavours too! That's also my second fav. (hence one of my sns deal with lychees)

Transformers wheel cover... I used to play with transformers with my bro when I was littie. xD

Posted by Saga @ 01/20/2003 12:12 AM PST

yes, but did you happen to go into the Apple Store there?!?! you should have, i know you would have liked it! dont lie!!! anyway, cool that you got the wheel cover thingy, thats nifty, i still want to see your car.. just drive over to my house tomorow (i'm in SJ till tomorow evening) and i wanna see it!!!

Posted by moo @ 01/19/2003 11:35 PM PST

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