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01/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Moron Volvo Guy...!"

Still with the drudgery that is schooling. -_- Not that my classes are really that bad, but nyeh, school....

I was pleasantly surprised today when I went to my first class. There was no teacher there. OK... that's not so unsual... but also, there were no students there. Now this class has a hundred students enrolled in it. Not a single one was sitting in a seat. I was all: "ok... am I missing something here?" I looked around for a note, but none was posted. After waiting for about ten minutes, I left and went to my car to lounge around for another fourty five minutes til my next class. ^_^

On my way home, something really cool happened. As I was driving out of the school, I was caught behind this one guy at a stop sign. I was in a straight-only lane and he stopped and just stayed at the stop sign, even when there were no oncoming cars. You know what that meant? He was a moron who was going to turn in a non-turn lane. -_- And that he did. Then, as soon as he made the turn, a cop on a motorcycle weaved through the lanes and busted him. XD Serves him right.

Now another car incident: as I was taking an exchange ramp onto another freeway, some moron in a Volvo decided to have to bright idea to pass me on the shoulder! Oh my freakin' gosh! It was so close! Had I not realized it in time and swerved to the left a bit, he would have taken off my right mirror. It was like, I could measure the distance between our cars using a ruler. Heck, half a ruler. After that, I promptly caught up with him and got down his license plate number. Now what to do with it...? ^_^ I could always call 311.... XD

Aside from the schooling, my life has pretty much been in a humongous social slump. The only thing I ever seem to do is popping in on my friend Cinti a lot. I would love to give you folks riveting stories about my social escapades, but unfortunately, I don't have any to give you. Oh well... maybe tomorrow....

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Kiotsukete! =O

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 01/24/2003 03:08 PM PST

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