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01/29/2003 Archived Entry: "This Paper's a Joke"

Yo, anyone reading this thing anymore? ^_^;

What am I up to right now? I'm right about to start on a three to four page paper for speech. It's due tomorrow. ^_^;; Yes, I know, I'm really good at this procrastination thing aren't I? Hey, I've done much worse. At least I got the mad BSing skills to cover. I predict that I'll have this paper done in maybe an hour. Possibly an hour and a half. ^_^ You know... sometimes I wonder where I'd be if I actually applied myself to school. Sure, I make sure I can do the stuff, but I never really try any harder than I have to. I remember having the desire to do extremely good at school and get all those big honors and such, but that all pretty much went down the drain because I'm too darn lazy. That and I just plain gave up. ^_^; Sure, I could have tried harder, but I didn't really see a reason. I was more or less satisfied with going through school, wingin' it and BSing my way through everything. And let me say, I did pretty well for a bunch of BSing. ^_^ Now that I'm in college, this formula is still working for me. As a wee tyke, I always thought that college would be insanely difficult. I suppose they really don't get all that bad until you get to the upper division classes. So, as is the point of this paragraph, I'm writing a paper. I don't know about you, but I think this is a joke. Three to four pages? Not only that, my teacher's making us double space it and use a 12-point font. HAHAHAHA!!! Personally, I'd much rather use a 10-point font. Sure, I'd have to type more, but it'd look so~ much nicer.

I kinda feel like my life's in a rut. There's no excitement these days. I don't know why or how, but high school was an absolute party compared to this borefest. I expected to have at least a few interesting things happening on a daily basis, but nope. Why the heck does everyone else have more logable material? Oh wait... maybe it's because they have lives.... ^_^;

I got BoA's new CD! Yep, the new CD released in Japan. Today. Gotta love having a Kinokuniya along the way to school. XD Personally, I think this is a great CD. Why? Because it has Valenti, Kiseki, and No. 1 on it. How could it not be good? ^_^ Actually, it has a number of other good tracks too. Not only that, but it has a DVD bundled with it with the promotional videos of Listen to My Heart and Valenti. Score! So, I recommend you pick up BoA Valenti. That is... if you like BoA....

As much as I'd like to tell you more about my non-existant life, I have to be getting to that paper now....

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Heh heh I bet you never counted on somebody you've never met reading this, huh? ^_^ Just as a note, not everybody has more stuff to put in a weblog than you. (take, for example, my blog that has had nothing written on it since sometime last year -_-;;) Anyway, you seem pretty cool. And if you're wondering how I got to this site... I already forgot. Heh. Um... yes... well... email me if you feel like it. I can always use some more people that I don't know to talk to. (Are you beginning to feel like you actually have a life?) ^_^;;

Posted by Kiko Tomodachi @ 02/03/2003 04:50 PM PST

Yeh.. life is kinda plain right now, Although I do appreciate it, It's a lot better than being in some parts of hte world that I came name right now, but neh

12 point font is the bomb =O

Boa, I noticed that a almsot everyone on my list has an icon of her.. it's like.. dang , Both Eds have her.. =O.. er yeh

We should hang out more, haven't seen you since the Outback steakhouse hangout =)

Posted by T-Chan @ 01/30/2003 08:03 PM PST

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