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01/31/2003 Archived Entry: "Call from Saga! Call from Saga!"

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Some interesting things actually happened to me today! *gasp*

This morning started like any other morning: I woke up, got onto the computer, and played iRO. ^_^; Then out of nowhere, the phone rings. I went to pick up the phone, half expecting a telemarketer because well, who else would call at about 9:00, maybe 10:00 AM? I was greeted by the voice of a girl asking for me by name. How... interesting I thought. Then she identified herself. It was my imouto: Saga! Sure, she has been trying to call me, but I never really expected her to call today, let alone in the morning of all times. Apparently she had some time, so she decided to give me a ring. How kind of her. ^_^ So yes, we had a short conversation. It was really fun to finally talk to you Saga. ^_^ Make sure to call again. I'm home most of the time now....

Hm... today my sister returned home for the weekend. Why? Because the lunar new year's coming up, yo! Yep, being part of an Asian family, we celebrate this event. Tomorrow the family's going to go out and make visits to the relatives. It's a big new year's tradition thing. It would be kinda nyeh, except for the fact that I get money. Gotta love that tradition. XD Hopefully it'll inflate my bank account enough so that I can take care of the stuff I need to buy and have already pre-purchased ^_^;

Um... would type more, but gotta get back to iRO. I'm alt+tabbed right now. Them orcs be scary things they be....

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Haha, how fun! Getting a surprise call like that. ^^
Oh, and thought I'm Asian, Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you have a really nice time. ^__^

Posted by Vilya @ 02/02/2003 02:08 PM PST

Happy Chinese New Year! Even if I'm not Asian. ^^;

Posted by Hana @ 02/01/2003 04:23 PM PST

Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year Tsubasa-Sampai

Posted by Anthony Nguyen @ 02/01/2003 09:53 AM PST

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