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02/02/2003 Archived Entry: "My (Lunar) New Years"

New Years was pretty darn fun. Got to see lots o' family... eat lots o' good stuff... and last but not least, I got lots o' money! XD Don't get me wrong. Most of the time I wouldn't really care how much I got, but I have stuff prepurchased on my debit and I was wondering where I'd get the funds for them before I got charged. ^_^;;; Yes, I know I'm bad.

Yesterday, my family made the rounds to the various houses of the various family members. As tradition goes, the youngin's (such as myself) have to wish their older relatives a Happy New Years and wish that various good things will happen to them in this new year. After that, the old folks do a similar thing back, where they wish us good things for the New Years, and hand the youngin's a red envelop with money inside it. So yes, my sister and I did basically the same thing at each house and were awarded with money. As it turns out, this year was quite a profitable one. I'm not sure what the final count was because I kinda lost track, but as far as I can remember, I got $288. It can't be too far from that.... *sigh* Now my PS2 Sakura Taisen, Noir box, and Xenosaga are taken care of. ^_^

My relatives from southern California came up to visit. Spent quite some time with them. On Saturday night, after dinner, we gambled. ^_^ Although, it was actually kinda meh because we betted at Bingo. Bingo of all things! We're Viet! We should be playing thirteen! XD But in all seriousness, it was actually more fun than you might possibly think. My family can make anything amuzing. And loud. -_- I didn't really want to play because... well... Bingo is entirely a game of luck and I'm too smart to bet money on a game that is determined entirely by luck, but eventually my relatives sponsored me. I tell you, the ONLY way to gamble is with someone else's money. XD I made a good $5, which is less than what some other people got, but hey, I didn't use my money. Pure profit, yo! XD

As for today, didn't do a whole lot. Spent some more time with the relatives from So Cal. At about 6ish, we had a big dinner with my other side of the family. Fun times to be had. ^_^ While my cousins are amuzing as heck, I can't say that my uncle's choice of dishes is great. -_- I got to a point where I was "I can eat more, but I don't want to because I don't want to eat this stuff anymore." -_- That's the worse condition to be in I tell you. You want to eat more, but you just can't bring yourself to because the food is so nyeh. Gwar....

In the little times I had at home, I spent my time on iRO. I've finished getting all the equipment I want on my aco, so now I'm working on my new swordie. ^_^ I have most everything I want. Now all I need is a pirate bandana. ^_^; Yeah, they aren't popular items, so I can't just go out and find one to buy easily like I did with my nurse hat. Nope. I'm actually spending time trying to find one. And yes, it's a 0.09% drop rate. -_- Well... I've been at it for two days already and I've gotten a old blue box, which is a 0.06% drop, so maybe I'll get lucky soon. I can only hope.... -_-

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oooh, i really like your new layout. its so nice and fun @_@. it also reminds me that i need to finish watching to heart

Posted by dandan @ 02/06/2003 02:16 PM PST

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