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02/09/2003 Archived Entry: "Megatokyo's cool, yo!"

Today was so cold! Much of the day I was all like: "this blanket isn't sufficient" *with blanket wrapped around legs and much of body*. I hear that it was in the 40's around here. So much of the day was spent feeling slightly less than adequately warmed. That was until maybe 5:00, when I decided to run to my bed and hid under three sheets. ^_^ Now that was warm. I liked it there. I was all "unyah~..." with happiness. ^_^ You know you like my sound of happiness. XD

You know something cool I found out the other day? Wienerschnitzel coupons work for up to three orders! When I read the fine print and found out I was all like: w00tando (my new Spanglish word)! Mm~... chili.... XD~~ So my friends and I were all cruising in my car when we were all like: "we need some snackage...." So out came my coupons, which I need because I like cheap food. ^_^ We found the coupons and were, needless to say, quite thrilled. We got six chili cheese fries using two coupons. Not only that, incompetent employees didn't even take the coupons after we used them! Now I get to use them again! Aa~... gotta love ignorant employees.... XD

OMG, I finally read Megatokyo today. This amazingly popular web comic has been around for what? Three years? NOW I read it. ^_^; I kinda meant to back in the day, but I never really did get around to it. But now that I have, man, I really like it. The man Fred Gallagher is so cool. He, like, likes everything I like! Bishoujo games, Hoshino Ruri, "emotionless" girls, fun with l33t (even though I don't know much), and most importantly, Sony bashing. Aw man, this guy speaks to me. XD I'm now gonna be an avid reader of the thing. I need to know what happens. Besides *coughthegirlsarecutecough.* ^_^;

I will leave you with a parting message:
Register for iRO! I command thee! XD

Replies: 5 comments

megatokyo.. wow.. i havent seen that for a while either.. ^-^;;

i only use 1-2 blankets.. how can you use SIX?! ... >.> =P

I signed up for iRO! though, i'm sure you already know~ ^-^;; Vincent talking about it huh? <.<;; I have to wait til the 21st to play.. ;-; how sucky.. *sniffle*

Posted by xiao long @ 02/11/2003 05:12 PM PST

It's freeeeeezing up here too! -30 degrees celcius today, Brrrrr! XD

Lol bishoujo games rock!

Posted by Sepia @ 02/11/2003 05:22 AM PST

i agree that it has been too freaking cold.. 6 blankets.. still freezing.. i also need to start reading megatokyo again...

Posted by Kat @ 02/10/2003 05:44 PM PST

Kawaii shoujos are za win!!! Mmmm....shoujos. ::Snickers kittenishly::

Posted by Nikki @ 02/10/2003 02:26 PM PST

wow.. I haven't read megatokyo in such a long time.. i should update myself

Posted by T-Chan @ 02/09/2003 10:46 PM PST

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