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02/14/2003 Archived Entry: "The Tsubasa and Nanona Valentines Day Extravoganza!!!!"

Thus Valentines Day comes to a close. As everyone today felt either really good because they were in a relationship or really depressed because they weren't, I was neither. Sure, I'm not in a relationship, but unlike a lot of people, I don't think that's a very depressing thought.

I didn't have school today, so spent the morning doing homework. Yes, I actually did homework. Can you believe it? I did that all the way until 2:00, when my friend, Nanona, got released from school. I met up with him and we had the "Tsubasa and Nanona's Valentines Day Extravoganza!" XD Yep, it was something of a tribute to single-hood. We didn't need to be in a relationship to have fun today! ^_^ Bad thing was, we were kinda pressed with what to do. ^_^;; We have that problem sometimes. First, we took a look at the local mall. No good reason, just cause. There, I picked up Real Bout Highschool tankouban 5. Scorage! *thumbs up* Then, without anything better to do, we went over to MGL to check things out, hoping for someone we knew to be there. No one was there. -_- So we left. Right about then we were thinking: "we need to do something so that we can make other people jealous that they aren't with us for Valentines." XD What did we decide to do? We went to do what I've been meaning to do with a number of my friends for a while: go out to eat at a real Vietnamese restaurant. There's always TK Noodle restaurants around, but that's not real Viet food! People need to try some of the good stuff, so I've said from time to time: "I'll take you sometime!" Well today was apparently "sometime." ^_^ We went out to eat. Mm~... Viet food.... ^_^ Directly following, we went to my other friend's house. He had finished with my Prince of Tennis episodes 1-52, so we came to pick them up for Nanona to watch them. There, we spent a good forty-five minutes playing Smash Bros. DX. Good times. ^_^ Then, realizing that I had to go, I dropped him home and went home myself.

I actually had quite a fun time today. Who says that you need to have someone on Valentines Day? ^_^ Besides, honestly, I don't especially care for the establishment of Valentines Day. Why? Because I think it's just a bunch of commercialized garbage. If I really love someone, why do I need to wait 'til Valentines Day to show her that I love her? And when it is Valentines, should I just buy her an empty rose or spend time with her? I can do that whenever I want! Of course, not the rose thing, because I think that's wrong. Possibly a potted plant, just because girls seem to like flowers so much. ^_^

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Posted by Cinti @ 02/15/2003 10:54 PM PST

Glad you guys had fun =) A great way to spend ur V day when you single =)

eh, Valentines Day to me sometimes, is like any other day.. just.. with more choclate and roses and hearts and pink and red and whiteness.. X_X.. nyeh, true though, You shouldn't wait alll the way to V day to show your affection for your partner. Neh, Just a nice tradition though, but mainly entirely up to you and the girl, each couple is different on how they like to celebrate ro whatever they wanna do and stuff... yah, I hope I made sence

Happy V day Davey Chu =D

Posted by T-Chan @ 02/15/2003 10:08 PM PST

^_^;;; My mistake.. I put down the wrong URL for my blurty! >_o;; Hee hee.. Ah well, I fixed it.. You should visit some time and comment! Ok? ^_^ Ja!

Posted by xiao long @ 02/15/2003 09:53 AM PST

OMFG!!! ASDFASDFASDFSDFAS!!!!! You!! GWAR-NESS @ YOU!! You went to MGL.. We (Vincent and I) were in San Jo!!! GAHH~ I had a hunch that you were at MGl.. But Vincent was like, "Nah.." AND WE TRIED TO CALL YOU CELLPHONE 974864231 TIMES!! But no, no one answered... -.-.-.-.- ;-; ANSWER NEXT TIME! *sigh* Now I probably wont meet you until I get a car and drive... ~_~ Bleh.. We'll see... X_x

Well, time for bed! Vincent is making me ^_^;; See you on iRO! ^_^v Ja ne! *huggles!!* =)

Posted by xiao long @ 02/14/2003 10:52 PM PST

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