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02/19/2003 Archived Entry: "I'm Reregistered for iRO! w00t!"

Today has been a rather interesting day. Yep indeed.

Started like any other day, except for my impending math quiz. You know what that meant? That meant that I had to finish up about three sections worth of homework to turn in. My teacher has something of a habit of collecting homework. I don't know why, it's college and math professors shouldn't really care about homework. Meh. At least they're easy points... if I finish them all. ^_^; Throughout the day, I spent time during my classes finishing up them sections. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have approximately three hour breaks from 12:20-3:45, so I had even more time. You'd think that I could do it all in those three hours and you'd be correct, but I decided to spend some time with friends too. ^_^; First I dropped in on my friend Antonio because, well, I don't drop in unexpectedly on him enough. I drop in unexpectedly on my other friends, so why not drop in on him? ^_^ Just spent some time there and chatted about stuff; predominately RO. After that, I had to head to my friend Lan's house because I didn't re-register for the new beta period in RO yet. But apparently Gravity's making everyone from the first beta period change their passwords. OK.... Problem is, to change the password, we have to reenter the credit card number used last time. Just so happens that I registered with Lan's card, so I had to go over and get the number to change my password. And that I did. By this time, I had to get back to school because it was maybe 3:20.

Arriving at the school, I looked at the clock in the car: 3:45. I was like, "wow! I made it on time!" Recently, I've been late to this class literally everyday. ^_^; But then I still had homework to complete, so I sat in the car and finished it. By the time I did, it was 4:00. So much for getting there on time. ^_^; So I walked swiftly to the class. What did I find when I got there? They were already taking the quiz! O_o Needless to say, I was slightly worried. I just went in and sat down. The professor gave me a quiz and I worked on it in a mad rush. Ten minutes later, time was called. How did I do? Pretty good actually. I finished all the problems and have much confidence in them answers. I didn't get any time for the bonus problem though. I hate missing out on bonus points. ;_; Oh well, that's what I get for exercising my mad procrastination skillz.

Tonight, I changed my password for RO. Then I waited for the phone to ring. Because Lan would rather that I didn't use his card again this time, I asked my sister to use her's. I ask her for that thing too much. ^_^; I need to get a student credit card sometime.... Anyway, the call did come and she did give me her credit card information. With this, I re-registered. All right! Priestess, here I come! XD Now all I have to do is wait 'til 10:00 PM tomorrow. That's when the next beta period begins. Sorry folks, but there is an inverse correlation between my playing RO and my posting. The more RO = the less posting. ^_^; I'll make an honest effort to post more though. I guess I'll be doing it while alt+tabbing in and out of the program. ^_^;;

Um... social tomorrow or something. I'm lazy tonight. ^_^

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