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02/20/2003 Archived Entry: "Waiting for iRO Beta 2..."

Today my Speech teacher made us do the stupidest activity. -_- First, he paired us off. From there, we were given slips of paper that told us how to act. Being that we were paired off, there were two types of behaviors he handed us. I was the B-type person in my group, so I got a paper telling me what to do. It said that I should be forthright, direct, maintain eye contact, and have a penchant for my own personal space. Alright... not exactly my exact kind of behavior (I'm far less direct), but I really like that having personal space part. ^_^ Then, my teacher told us to have a conversation about anything, but we had to be standing toe to toe! O_o I don't know about you, but man, that's awfuly close. From the offset, I knew that A-type people would be acting differently. Why the hell would he give us separate pieces of paper if they didn't? Before anything even happened, I knew that A-types had to be less direct, unable to maintain eye contact, and more touchy-feely. I was right. -_- This went on for a while, then he told us to stand an arm's length away and continue talking. Much better. Somewhere down the line, he told us to move three more steps apart. Even better. ^_^ That was basically it. It was something of an exercise for us to determine what our comfort zone is. Everyone has a certain comfort zone around themselves. As long as no one intrudes into this zone, we're comfortable communicating. As my figured, my comfort zone is fairly reasonably sized. ^_^; I've noticed that it seems to shrink depending on who I'm talking with though. I am quite comfortable having fun and touching some of my friends. But in general, I like distance. Distance is good. ^_^

That's all that is noteworth about today.... Oh! Except for the fact that iRO's coming back! XD It'll be up in less than an hour and I'm anxiously anticipating it. Time to go into some social to kill some time. ^_^

Thanks everyone for congradulating me on the one-year anniversary. XD

So you've been reading since version 9? Has it really been that long? ^_^;

Elegant? You think so? I wouldn't think someone sticking her tongue at me would be very elegant. ^_^;

I rock? Of course I do! XD j/k Thanks for the compliment.

Yeah, I've noticed that there's a real lack of male designers in the anime logging community. Quite a perplexing thing really. I believe the majority of professional web designers and graphic artists are male.... Meh.... *shrugs*

Hm... if you give me more information or a screenshot of your messed up layout, I think I might be able to help....

Gwar.... *shakes fist* Darnit, it's not cute! *runs into a corner and cries*

Actually, I haven't owned this domain for a year. I said that I have had this log for a year. It was hosted on another server at a time and on my first, old domain. This domain isn't gonna be a year old until April. As for making a site.... I had intended to make one around Christmas time, but I never got around to it. I like web designing, but it's just so much work.... ^_^;;

It's ok when you disappear. You always have a good reason for it don't you? Besides, if you want to disappear, you should be able to. I'm just glad that when you are there, you're so cool. ^_^

Yep, one year. Man, you know what I realized? I've known you since version 2! That feels like a life-time ago, doesn't it? ^_^; But I'm glad. You be one cool imouto. Take the time with the e-mail. I intend to write one to you too, but I'm so darn lazy. ^_^;;

Well, I had a phone call in the middle of this post and now it's past 10:00 PM. RO's supposed to be up, but within the last hour, Gravity's made an announcement that they're gonna delay the opening of the servers! It's only two hours, but man, I want to play now! ;_; Now time to try to find something to do....

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Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka Baka... LOL. I love the title XD

Standing toe to toe with someone must be really.. o.o;... I don't mind if it's a good friend though.

Posted by Mizuki @ 02/23/2003 04:36 PM PST

Dat activity looks pretty gay... ==; I can't just stand toe to toe w/ some person I rarely know. SCARY... But my comfort zone is pretty distant. ^^;;;

Me join iRO? thinking.......

Posted by Hana @ 02/22/2003 01:35 PM PST

*lol* poor you... i'd hate to do that activity. i've seriously got this 10-foot personal space bubble around me. *glares @ anyone who invades her personal space* xD

but um... thanks for understanding. and no worries... leaving tsu.nu alone's up to you, especially since i totally get the whole "webdesigning's tiring" thing. *looks @ her own neglected sites* hee~

onii-chan's cute! cute cute cute!!! >3

Posted by riku @ 02/22/2003 10:01 AM PST

Eek.. that sounds like an uncomfortable activity! I would not be able to stand toe to toe with anybody..and talk and stuff. Too close. Too WEIRD. I'm thinking my comfort zone must be at least five feet all around XD. Eek.

"cute"..^^;; It's the new insult XD!!

Posted by Lini @ 02/21/2003 04:15 PM PST

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