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02/24/2003 Archived Entry: "Blackout = Class Cancelled"

The coolest thing happened to me earlier today. There I was, just sitting in my math class, minding my own business. Actually, to tell you the truth, I was kinda falling asleep. ^_^; Not really falling asleep, but you know... that state where you bob your head and not really take anything in? Yeah... that state. Anyway, my teacher was explaining stuff when there was a big clap of thunder and the lights went out! That was pretty cool. ^_^ After a little bit though, the lights turned on again. -_- That was when there was another clap of thunder and the lights went out again and for a considerably longer time. You know what that meant? Rest of class = cancelled! XD Yeah, you gotta love blackout days. I can't remember the last time my school was canceled because of a blackout. It was sometime in high school.... Anyway, after I got out of class, I met up with my friend and we chatted a bit. Apparently he was in the caferateria when this happened. He told me that the transformer actually blew up, which would explain why we didn't get power back. That's a pretty hardcore power problem the school has on its hands right there. ^_^;; But yeah, I was happy. I got out early and beat the 6:00 PM traffic. w00t!

I finally got around to doing something I've been meaning to do today: pre-purchasing Xenosaga. XD I've been meaning to do it for maybe a week, but I just plum procrastinated too much. But now I've pre-purchased it at Electronics Boutique, so I get a free artbook with it too! Oh yeah, you know you envy me. ^_^ I just have to go pick it up tomorrow....

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OO!! U bung!! XD My wish came true for the wrong person!!I KNOW! U put a curse on me didn't u!! he he j/k. XD

Tsu-kun I still need to give u back ur BOa CD.

Posted by Hana @ 02/25/2003 09:15 PM PST

Ooh, blackouts are so cool!.. except when the lights come back on and stay on for the rest of the day. -_-; You're so lukcy that the blackout lasted all day! *envious*

Posted by Meia @ 02/25/2003 07:13 PM PST

I've had a blackout while I was using the computer once, I got so pissed off... haha.

EB is a mad shop.. but I find it a little expensive.

I have a question to ask... is it possible to run b2 on your server?

Posted by Steph @ 02/25/2003 05:53 PM PST

A blackout day!?! That sounds like fun. I wish we had those over here, but we never do. I've lived in New York for like..what, 5 years now? Not a single blackout.. one snow day though!

Posted by Lini @ 02/25/2003 03:43 PM PST

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