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02/26/2003 Archived Entry: "XENOSAGA!!!!!!"


Yes, I am quite excited. I think I shall "squee." Squee~! XD You don't know how long I've been waiting for this game. I think it has literally been years. When was the first official word that a followup to Xenogears was in the works? Since then. Heck, this game is the reason why I bough a PS2. Yes, I'll buy consoles for a single game. ^_^; Anyway, yesterday I wanted to pick it up, but the EB I went to didn't have it in stock! ;_; I prepurchased it from them because of an artbook offer, but they didn't have it on the first day of release, so I had to come back today. And that is indeed what I did. Unfortunately for me, they didn't have enough artbooks, so I got gypped. -_- Well, the clerk said that she was trying to get more artbooks from other EBs, so I might be able to get one in a few days. If not, my cousin has a friend who works at EB.... XD Anyway, I'll be off to play it now. Haven't started yet because I had a paper to do for speech. Didn't want to start it only to have to stop playing it. I want a good solid few hours to play. That is why I'm probably not getting any sleep tonight. ^_^ I don't care about my health! I want to play Xenosaga! I'm going now....

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Yeah, gotta love "squee." I take full copyright of that word, but I'll let it slide this time cuz you gave me RO. ^^

Posted by Shelly @ 03/02/2003 10:08 AM PST

have fun =)

Posted by Anthony @ 02/28/2003 08:39 PM PST

yay =D

Posted by T-Chan @ 02/27/2003 11:08 PM PST

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