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02/28/2003 Archived Entry: "Bye Bye Mr. Rogers...."

I just want to say that the death of Mr. Rogers sucks big time. I'm sure most all of you, if not all of you have heard already. I remember watching the man's show as a child. Aa~... fond memories about being a careless youngin' and tuning into Mr. Roger's neighborhood.... Not that it was on my "must watch TV" list, but hey, it was good entertainment with a nice man. It's such a shame have him go like that. I'd much prefer him to die of old age as opposed to cancer. Such a shame.... May he rest in peace....

Anyway, as for the occurances in my life, today I got money! XD Bad thing was, I dropped $10. ;_; That $10 was important! I'm running low on money this month and I kinda need that to deposit in my bank account so that I don't overdrawl with my debit when it's charged for Sakura Taisen PS2 LE. -_- I'm gonna have to borrow money from someone. I don't want to be charged the overdrawl fee of $20. -_-

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how's xenosaga! i went to fry's with a friend 3 days in a row until we actually got a copy of it ^_^;;. i heard that its like, one big movie lol.

ne, btw my website addy changed to www.peachieness.com, but don't change your links cuz its just gonna change back in a couple weeks hehe. (reaaaally long story with a moral that goes: DO NOT EVER USE REGISTER.COM TO REGISTER YOUR DOMAIN NAMES)


Posted by dandan @ 03/02/2003 03:28 PM PST

AWWW I like that show too when I was a tot!! And da train passing by and junk. ~_~ *sniffs like a baby*

Posted by Hana @ 03/02/2003 11:43 AM PST

I don't actually know who Mr. Rogers was, but it seems to be what everyone's talking about at the moment... o_o' I must be so out of it.

Anyway, sucks to hear you dropped some money... hehe, when you're a poor uni student like me, you can sympathise with money problems, you know?

Posted by Steph @ 03/01/2003 06:28 PM PST

I heard that Mr. Rogers died recently also... That sucks! I remember watching his show when I was little... He was a very nice man. It's too bad he's not here anymore ;__;. Well, he's off in a better place now... heaven. There, he can be eternally happy...

Yep, it seems like it's hard for me to save money these days xD. I always spend my money on food and I lose it way too often!

Posted by Madonna @ 03/01/2003 04:41 PM PST

Yeah, it's a shame about Mr. Rogers passing away. I watched his show a lot as a kid too. He was great with his ::sings::It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beatiful day in the neighborhood, won't you be mine? Won't you be mine? ::stops:: hehe. And there was that little train. Ah, the memories...

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 03/01/2003 09:35 AM PST

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