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03/02/2003 Archived Entry: "I Don't Like Being Touched (but That's a Given)"

Financial problems: over. XD Yayism. You know what? If found $20 I forgot I had! ^_^; That never happens to me. The thing is, it was in my wallet, but it was behind a $1 bill and kinda hidden out of sight. Because of that, I didn't know it was there, but when I thumbed through the bills, by golly, it was there. XD Jovialness.

Today, something I already knew was reaffirmed: I don't like being touched. What triggered this revelation? Today my grandma, uncle, and aunt came over for dinner. My dad and grandma told me to sit by her because we never spend time together, so I did. Then she holds my hand. I know it's a loving gesture from a grandma to her grandson and I really do love her, but dang, I sure didn't feel comfortable. Humanly contact is something I don't do well. I do give hugs, but only occasionally because girls always seem to be hug crazy and they ask me for them, so I kinda had to get used to it. Still then, I don't feel fully comfortable. Yes, I mentioned that comfort zone my speech teacher mentioned in class? Mine is pretty big. I like my space. Yeah....

Haven't talked about iRO very much lately, but I've been playing it a lot. My aco's currently 53/39. She'll be a priestess soon! XD Tomorrow. Tomorrow....

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I don't like being hugged by family either. It's not that I don't like to be touched, it's just that it doesn't feel right with my mom or my brother. :B Feels too forced or something like that. I think hugs are better when you do them with people you're attracted to. :BBBB

Posted by Saka @ 03/03/2003 01:54 PM PST

you don't liked being touched? eep =X I better stop giving you hugs then and pats on the back nad head =X I'ma sorry =(

Posted by T-Chan @ 03/02/2003 10:26 PM PST

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