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03/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Anti-War Rally"

Today some kind of anti-war rally happened at my school. Them darn college students. Do they always feel the need to protest something, anything? Besides, I go to the small community college of De Anza. No one will take notice except for maybe local news. *shrugs* Anyway, because of this, all during my morning classes, I could hear the mini rally thing they were having outside. They were loud. -_- Sure, I suppose I understand their cause, but for crying out loud, I don't think it's worth it to protest. Of course, this thinking may just stem from my own preference to do little if anything. ^_^; I suppose the participants probably felt really strongly about the cause though, so I respect that.

The great thing about this anti-war effort was that they were urging the students to refrain to go to classes. Something of a walk-out to show support for their cause. I fail to see the correlation between skipping classes and supporting the anti-war effort, but hey, whatever floats their boat.... Although I don't believe in the idea of a walk-out at all, I happened to skip out of one class: my calc class. Why? Because on Monday, my teacher said that she supported the rally, so she would postpone the quiz we were to have to Monday. Not only that, she would not cover new material. Rather, she would give us worksheets on material we have already learned. Can you say "pushover?" Yes, my math teacher is a real pushover. I suppose it's kinda bad to do it, but I took advantage of the opportunity. ^_^; I went to spend some time with my friends. I know it's a bad thing, but meh.... Honestly though, I feel kinda bad. For my entire life, I've always been the "good kid." You know, the guy who's always there at school, never ditches classes, does all the work, etc. It was kinda hard skipping class because I've just been conditioned otherwise.

At least I had fun with the friendlies, so it's ok. ^_^

Do you think I use a lot of big words? My friends always seem to say that I do.... Is it so unusual for me to be using words like "augment," "amalgamation," and "abhor" in daily speech? I personally think that the general populous doesn't use enough big words. More words need to be interspersed into common speech to make things interesting. Besides, I kinda do it without thinking. ^_^; What spurs this little, mini rant? Today my friend asked me to give him a big word; any big word. Sure, I've got a few in my repertoire, but darnit, I can't spout them out upon request. When I speak naturally, these words come to me naturally. Meh.... Anyway, do you guys think I use too many big words? Is my speech "too inteligent?" I type like I speak, so go ahead and tell me....

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There's nothing wrong with using large words in speech or writing, unless you're struggling to sound smarter than you really are.

In other words, you're fine. ;)

My college (EKU) had a big rallying anti-war clusterfuck the other day too, so I can share your pain. A few students tried to get me to join, but I'm about as active as you are and kept walking. Just as well I avoided the mess, because a loud sorta-friend of mine was one of the ringleaders of the event...

Posted by Sarah @ 03/07/2003 05:56 PM PST

It's not that your speech is too intelligent, but it's that other people are too stupid to understand. Americans like things simple and with extra cheese. Defy the stereotype.

Posted by Shelly @ 03/06/2003 02:45 PM PST

Dat's what English honors was for sempai. = =;;

Posted by Hana @ 03/06/2003 07:02 AM PST

I don't think they're big words... they're quite normal for me... it's just that everybody's stopped reading. :P

By the way, you spelled "intelligent" wrong. :BBBBBB

Posted by Saka @ 03/06/2003 06:59 AM PST

Nah! I think you talk just fine ^_^ and that you don't use too many big words.

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 03/06/2003 05:45 AM PST

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