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03/16/2003 Archived Entry: "I Must Draw More...."

What is this? I'm posting? Who'da thunk? ^_^; Well, honestly, I can't really think of much to say.... *thinks* Hm... lets see what pops out of my head now, shall we?

I feel like I'm losing touch with the online logging community. I used to be really into this whole logging thing, but recently, I've been distancing from it more and more. It's definately not intentional, as there are at least a good handfull of logs I genuinely enjoy reading and friends I don't want to lose touch with, but it's happening anyway. I suppose it's because of iRO. I'm on it way too often. ^_^; Takes away the free time I would otherwise be spending reading logs and forums. Realizing this, I'm gonna try to make it a point to do more log reading and to update this thing more often. Not only because I feel out of touch with people, but because I like logging.

Spurred by some conversation about art yesterday, I feel like getting back to practicing drawing. *thinks to self* When was the last time I drew...? Dang, it's been a while.... ^_^;; One of my bigger aspirations in my life has been to be a good drawer. I've never been, what many would refer to as, an "artistic person." I've always strayed more towards the reason and logic as opposed to the abstract and art. But I've always admired good artists. Suppose it was envy that actually made me begin drawing in the first place, maybe four years ago. I stayed with it for a good year or two and then kinda slowly stopped. Now I feel like practicing again. I've never felt proud about any of my drawings, so now I want to get good enough to feel proud of my work. That won't be easy though, as I have unsually high expectations of myself. I always do that and because of that, I'm constantly disappointed in myself. Meh.... Must draw some....

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