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03/23/2003 Archived Entry: "The Hell's Wrong with My Printer?"

It's been a few days since I've written here. ^_^;

What has been happening? Well, first, the winter quarter for UC Davis has ended, so my sister is now home for her spring break. That's one of the reasons why I haven't been posting: she's been using the computer at night. Nighttime, if you haven't noticed, is when I post most often. Anyway, we've been doing stuff and chatting. She showed me the second Harry Potter movie because she downloaded it. Like the first movie, I'd say it's good, but it wasn't exactly my cup of tea, so I can't say that I thought it was that great. *shrugs*

While Davis may be out for their break already, De Anza certainly isn't. -_- I still have another week of school: finals week. That is actually what I've been doing a lot this weekend: studying for finals. I've been mostly going over my history stuff because that's pretty easily my most demanding final. While reading a text book, trying to remember every last bit of information, may not sound all that appealing, it actually isn't all that bad; especially because I'm reading up about Tokugawa Japan. I love reading the book and then going: "hey! That was refered to in Kenshin/Samurai Deeper Kyo/etc.!" ^_^; Gonna have to touch on my math tomorrow. -_- Stupid math....

Hm... interesting information.... Oh! A new Tapioca Express opened up near me! XD That sounds a lot better than it actually is though.... I went out there on a Tap run yesterday with my friend Lan. I gotta say, they aren't that great. -_-; Suppose the milk tea is alright, but the chicken.... Bleh! OK, so it's not exactly "bleh" bad, but it's not anywhere near good. Not only is it not sufficently spicy (as is a common occurance at any Tapioca Express), it is just not prepared well. I don't know hwo to describe it, but it's not tasty to my palette. -_-

Today I went to a Viet restaurant for dinner. While that is definately not all that unusual in itself, what was is that there was a band there. Wow... who'da thunk? They were one of those makeshift bands.... You know... kinda like the band in the Wedding Singer? Yeah, one of those bands. Only, this one was composed of entirely Vietnamese guys. You know what was funny? They sang Santana (can't remember the name of the song). XD You don't know just how funny it is to hear Viet guys singing in Spanish. XD I know I didn't. ^_^

My printer is really annoying me right now. -_- (I'm using that face too often today...) I put in a goodly filled black ink cartridge and it tells me that there's no black ink! I don't get it! I shake the cartridge and I can hear plenty of ink just slooshing around, yet I still get the red "I'm out of ink, so you better insert another cartridge" light. What the hell? X_X Because of that, I'm gonna have to rush over to someone's house tomorrow morning to print out stuff. I don't even know who I'm going to turn to yet. -_-

Hm... those are all the random thoughts for now. Dang, I really wanted to talk about something maybe two days ago, but I forgot! I was thinking about it before going to bed and when I woke up in the morning, I just plain forgot. -_- Maybe it'll come back to me. I hope so....

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came to my house ^_^;; and then went to vince's for that printer eh? haha

Posted by Sataya @ 03/25/2003 07:10 PM PST

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