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03/28/2003 Archived Entry: "Real Men Don't Eat Vegetables"

About my finals:

Math-slightly harder than I expected, but I suppose it wasn't too bad. It could have been much worse, let me just say that.

Speech-just as easy as I expected. Yes, you know a test is easy when you can finish it in thirty minutes and you're given two hours. And no, I did not extra rush through it either. I just went right through because I knew everything (and let me inform you, I didn't study ^_^).

My speech final was my last final, so now I'm all free for spring break! XD Aw man, time to have some fun....

My first fun-type thing happened today actually. It was an outing to the local Great Mall to eat at the Outback Steakhouse. Meat!!! XD~~ You know I couldn't turn that down. ^_^ Therefore, I went with my friends Shelly and Tina to partake of this meat in celebration of Shelly's day of birth, which happened to be Monday. I ate some BBQ chicken and stole fries from predominatly Shelly's plate, but some from Tina's too. ^_^ The crappy thing about my dish was that I wasn't given a choice between vegetables and fries like Shelly and Tina. Nope, they stuck me with vegetables. -_- Psh, as if a man eats vegetables. XD I'm just glad that the ladies either didn't feel like eating their fries or were full. Score!

Let me just add that at the reservation desk at Outback was a basket of crayon bundles. They consisted of four crayons bundled together using a rubber band. I took one. Hey, how can you pass up crayons? XD Come on, you can use crayons for, like, drawing stuff. Oh, and let me add that my bundle has a green crayon in it. That's pimp, yo!

Right now I'm pondering what I'll do for the rest of my break. Sure, I'm going to play a lot of SCII and hopefully watch some new anime series, but what else? I have some big project planned, but I'm not sure whether I'm actually going to get to that considering how I'll have SCII.... ^_^;; My life is pretty boring now that I'm out of high school. Either that, or things just don't seem as important and noteworthy as they used to. Whatever the case might be, I don't think there's a whole not exciting about my life and thus you see the decline of my former regular posting regimine. I think I'll get back to that during this break. I'll try to think of something interesting to talk/rant about each day. Besides, what better things will I have to do? Oh wait... SCII.... ^_^;; Also, to those who I haven't e-mailed in a while, you'll most probably be getting something from me within the next week. w00t! Tsubasa's (hopefully) back in the online world. ^_^

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Mwahaha you followed me!! Ha ha stalker! I should've went w/ u guys to Outback Steak!! MEEEEAAT!! XD

Posted by Kristine @ 03/30/2003 12:53 PM PST

I love David! * does the two arm thing* yesh~ yesterday was fun. ^_^ we should do that again

Posted by Tina @ 03/29/2003 08:16 PM PST

XD, onliness..i want iRO back because there was nothing been better do. Go with that Soul Calibur 2!

Posted by Sataya @ 03/29/2003 07:11 PM PST

back to on-line ness
i'm glad iRO is gone
it's time to go back to our true state of nature

Posted by Cinti @ 03/29/2003 12:03 PM PST

PSH! You've BEEN online! Just nothing else but Ragnarok!! X3 Kee hee.. Yeah.. Happy you did good on your speech final! ^_^

Posted by Aya @ 03/28/2003 11:42 PM PST

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