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03/30/2003 Archived Entry: "I Gots SCII! XD"

I know I said that I'd try to post everyday, so why did I miss yesterday? Simply put, my SCII arrived. ^_^; Hey, you can't blame a guy can you? Especially since there are tons of things to unlock and so many things to do to unlock them. I still haven't unlocked Lizardman. Not that I play him. Such cheese.... -_-

Well, yesterday and today were essentially sessioning days. Well... I had intended that they be sessioning days, but they more or less turned into "lets play mission mode and unlock stuff" days. Not a horrible way to spend your time, especially since we earned rewards such as characters, costumes, and katas as we went along. I can play Sophie now! XD Too bad 1. from my experience, she's less effective in this game (linear-favoring style play) and 2. she doesn't look as good as before. ;_; Oh well, at least I can play her and that's a good thing. Been sticking with Cassie more though....

Something really interesting happened today: my dad hung a flag from our house. Man, I knew he was pro-war, but dang, do we have to go all out and have a big red, white, and blue thing hanging from our house? I've never been the most patriotic of peoples, so this annoys me. Not only that, I'm anti-war, so it's even worse. Psh....

Nothing much else to say.... Going back to SCII.... XD

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SC rocks! XD I wanna see the flag! lol, j/k.

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 03/31/2003 06:53 PM PST

have fun on SCII

Posted by Anthony @ 03/30/2003 08:29 PM PST

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