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03/31/2003 Archived Entry: "I Don't Like Mr. Coach Man"

Earlier today, I went out to eat some pho with my friends. You know... that Vietnamese noodle stuff.... Yeah, that.... Anyways, I was "treated" to a nice surprise when I looked over to my right to see my former kickboxing coaches sitting across the restaurant, also dining. The bad part about that was that my former head coach guy was there. I honestly didn't like that. A little history:

I was in seventh grade. I had been taking aikido for two years, but, being the stupid kid I was, I decided to throw that away for a chance to train in a striking art. After some consideration, I ended up taking sanshou or Chinese kickboxing. This is when I met Mr. Coach Man (his name shall be withheld ^_^). Anyway, at first, Mr. Coach Man looked pretty good. He had won a number of kickboxing competitions and he was actually named the fighter of the year in one of those martial arts magazines. What could be wrong? Plenty. Eventually, it became quite obvious that he was way too full of himself. How could I tell? Our uniforms consisted of a t-shirt and black pants. On the back of the t-shirt, was essentially an ad for the dojo. -_- Not only that, he started selling merchandise, under his own brand! He had a slogan and he started putting that on everything: t-shirts, bags, gloves, kicking pads, etc. -_- You could imagine how disgusted I was. Not only that, his attitude was also pretty psh, so I just lost all respect for the man. I did continue going to the dojo for about five years, but that was only because it was some pretty good exercise I otherwise wouldn't be getting. I put on some muscle. ^_^ Eventually though, I left because of a certain incident. You see, I was in my junior year of high school. Being that my workload was getting rather intense and I had some emotional issues, I started going less often. I was the highest ranked student there because I had just been there the longest (it was a relatively new dojo). Because I didn't go as often, the one guy who was directly behind me, became something of Mr. Coach Man's favorite student. He started teaching the small, maybe five through seven year old classes. That I was fine with. He was a decent guy. He deserved that chance. What I didn't like was that he was handed an honorary red belt. I was the first and only red belt before that. Don't get me wrong, I was not jealous. I felt that a great injustice was done. I worked hard for my red belt and here he was, getting one without testing for it! Not only that, I was there a reasonably longer time, so I don't think he deserved to get it unless my chance at a black belt was coming up fairly soon, which it wasn't. Now I don't know about you, but if you spent five years going to a dojo and becoming its most senior member, I think you'd deserve more respect than that, don't you? I couldn't take it anymore and so I quit. Good ridence.

Back to today. Yes, so I saw him across the restaurant. I couldn't take a confrontation with him, so I just carried on talking to my friends, hoping he wouldn't notice me. I have a feeling he did. Either that or the other coach man did, but they didn't come by my table before they left. For that, I was very grateful.

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O_O wow never knew this..
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Posted by Cinti @ 04/02/2003 12:01 AM PST

Awww, poor sempai. I agree with you on the whole injustice and respect thing. I remember when I first started World History this year with Mr. Ip and things were okay, but I soon lost respect for him (if I ever had any, lol) because he was so full of himself. I mean, not to the point where he has slogans and stuff like that and has his own merchandise, just the things he says about himself and how he brags about his Dvd's and equipment and junk. -_-;

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 04/01/2003 03:55 PM PST

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