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04/03/2003 Archived Entry: "I be Self-Sufficent"

Today I got into something of a squable with my mom. Nothing major, she just irritated me. How? She gave me money from my savings account (which are deposited into my parents' account to get better interest) to deposit into my checking account. Now you may ask, "why is this such a big deal?" Simply put, she always does this. Not exactly giving me money to deposit into my checking, but giving me money. I am a very self-sufficient person. I don't like it when other people tell me what to do or try to force stuff on me when I can make due on my own. My mom has a bad habit of flipping through my wallet whenever she sees it (that's why I hide it now), so when I have very little money left, she puts a ten into it. For some people, I'm sure this is a good thing. For me, it's a horrible thing. I don't like money just handed to me like that. I have an allowance. I budget how I'll spend it myself. I'll save when I run low. I like it that way. To just have extra money tossed at me is an irritation. Today's incident was something like that. I have the feeling that she knows that I have little money in my account *coughnothingcough*, so I got really pissed. I confronted her and told her that I wanted to keep the money in my savings. She insisted that she just wants me to have a fair sum of money in my account in case of an emergency. Eventually, I just took the check because I got the notion that she really did just want me to have a fair amount of money and didn't really know my current account balance. Meh....

I need a new anime series to download. Someone recommend something! ^_^;

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My suggestions are Wolf's Rain, Mojacko, Azumanga daioh. I haven't seen any of 'em yet but maybe you've heard of them (or not) and might want to give them a try. ^_^ I'm working on downloading Wolf's Rain right now though.

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 04/04/2003 05:44 AM PST

*patpat* Have you tried Junni Kokki my friend toldme they liked what they have seen..I dunno if I should be recommending it to you...I'm not the best source for anime..

Posted by Sataya @ 04/03/2003 09:19 PM PST

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