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04/04/2003 Archived Entry: "Gaming Rants"

In an attempt to make this place more interesting, I think I'll post some random stuff occasionally throughout the day if I have an occasion to post it. This post shall cover the gaming I've done over the last few days. ^_^ Spring break is boring. Gaming alleviates this boredom. ^_^

Phantom of Inferno:
I got this a little while back, but I haven't really played it seriously until this week. Once I started though, I was instantly drawn in. This thing has a very compelling story it does. ^_^ I suppose that's a good thing because it's a visual novel and if it didn't have story, what else would it have? ^_^; All in all a great game. There's the good story, very attractive art, and obviously high production values. As with any bishoujo game though, the girls realy make the game. XD Ein rulz! ^_^ Alright, so it's the voice.... *coughMinamiOmicough* Seriously though, Cal's my favorite. I just think her story was extremely sad. I'm pretty sure I cried the most going through her scenario. Not to mention, I think she's the cutest, so yeah.... ^_^ I don't see why anyone would like Claudia.... Except for maybe the voice (Inoue Kikuko). Meh.... *shrugs* Anyway, if you peoples can find it, I recommend picking it up. Even if you're a girl. Very good story and no sex. Hell, there wasn't too much sappy romance either. There was less than I expected. Oh well, the romantic moments were really touching. The problem would probably be finding it though. I'm sure it's discontinued by now. You may have to e-Bay for it.

Soul Calibur II:
Of course I have been playing this game for maybe nine months now, but I'm finally getting a hang of characters other than Cassie and Talim. Been working on my Nightmare, Ivy, Yoshi, and Asta. Mostly Nightmare actually. Initially, I was kinda reluctant to pick up the guy because I was only an occasional Siegfried player in SC, but I've always wanted to. With the console version in my possession, I get the time to play around with him. ^_^ They really changed the guy! I'm used to the stances from SC, so with all the radical changes, I was kinda overwhelmed, but now I think I'm getting the hang of it. I still gotta try to memorize what moves end in what stances though. Oh, and I need to work on doing some roulette style play. ^_^ Eventually, I'll get him up to speed with at least my Talim (i.e. competitive). For now I'm still learning. He's so fun to play. ^_^

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