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04/04/2003 Archived Entry: "Why are there Hospitals Anyway?"

At least in my area, it was unusually cold today. For that matter, it's still cold. I'm trying to stay warm here with a blanket draped around me and I'm even wearing a sweatshirt as opposed to my usual flannel pajama shirt (i.e. it's warmer). Why must this spring start out so cold? Why can't everything just get all nice, warm, and happy on the first day of the spring season? ^_^ I've been surrounded by cold too long, I'm getting kind of sick of it. Of course, with warmth also comes allergies, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice, if only for a change. *sigh* When the warmth does come, I want to go outside and spend a little time out there. Nothing major because I'm definately not an outdoorsey kinda person, but I want to at least walk to the nearby park and lie around on the grass, basking in the sun or something. Aa~... that sounds good....

*shivers* (really, I'm actually shivering) Anyway, onto other, not quite so cold thoughts...

Some family came over for dinner tonight. From them, I heard of that new disease that seems to be running rampant in Asia now... *looks at Yahoo! News* um... respiratory acute syndrome or SARS. Apparently it's getting to be pretty well known around here and apparently at my uncle's workplace (Hewlett Packard), they are telling peoples to work at home for ten days if they make a trip to Asia. That seems pretty harsh, but nowhere near as harsh as what's happening down south in the Santa Barbara area. My aunt, who's from there and visiting, said that it has been announced that no one who has been to Asia can be admitted into a hospital for ten days. O_o Now is it just me or does that kinda completely defeat the purpose of having a hospital? You're kinda, like, supposed to go to them when you're having health problems.... Actually... I don't know much about the disease myself, so I'm not so sure why there's a ten day period anyway, so maybe there's a legitimate reason, but still....

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GAY!!!! (the hospital part)
and yes..
i want warm spring dayz too X_X

Posted by Cinti @ 04/06/2003 10:29 PM PST

Ehh.. It dormant for a couple days or so.. Then you start getting symptoms for a cold and/or flu. Then, if you do strenuous (sp?) exercise, your breathing might be jeopordized (sp?).. and.. well.. I believe the virus somehow cuts off your breathing x_x Not too sure.. But I just wanna tell you to keep warm, cover yourself up, and PLEASE stay away from sick people. >_<

Posted by Xiao Long @ 04/06/2003 10:26 PM PST

Yah, my dad right now is in that area too.. kinda worried

From what i heard from my dad, he's having hte same hting to, he can't go into a hosipital for 7 days or so. because they don't wanna spread the the disease that my dad may or might have a possibility of having

The disesase doesn't do anything for 7 days in your body ( ooo spooky, reminds of you of the Ring) so it hides in your body without causing any damage, but it's still contagious, so that's probabaly why your aunt and my dad weren't allowed to go into the hospitals, cause if it spreads, it'd cause a lot of shit ^^''

Posted by Tina @ 04/05/2003 08:45 AM PST

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