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04/11/2003 Archived Entry: "Version 17"

Just Wingin' It Version 17: "Strawberry Sundae"

It's Nayuki! =3 Why Nayuki? Because she doesn't get any love. I mean, like, seriously, I try to gauge the fan interest in characters a lot of times--using things such as fanart, fansites, etc.--and Nayuki doesn't get nearly as much attention as she should get. She may be my third favorite girl (after Makoto and Shiori), but I like her a hell of a lot more than Ayu and Mai. Poor Nayuki, it's so bad, she's more or less condemned to being a background character in the anime. Thus, I felt like I had to do some Nayuki representing. ^_^ Nayuki r0x0rz, j0! XD As for the layotu itself, I notice that my recent works have really started looking similar. I feel that my days of sufficiently different layouts are long gone. Where the hell is my muse? ;_; Well, I gotta say though, I'm can see that I'm starting to get the hang of the "well defined object" thing I started a few layouts back. Maybe next time though, I can revolve as opposed to evolve.... *shrugs*

Oh, one who shall be named, but will know who you are, I'm sorry I didn't finish the layout. My muse is horrid right now and the image is a lot harder to work with than I thought. -_- Soon, soon....

With layout information out of the way, time to report on the minor things: today is my birthday. ^_^ Yep, today marks the nineteenth anniversary of my day of birth. It sure has been a long journey indeed.... What did I do for my birthday? Well, tomorrow I'll be having a party thingy at my house, so nothing all that grandious. Today I just went to have a late lunch with some friends. We went to this cool little restaurant near my house called Antipastos (I think that was it...) and ate some spiffy Italian food. I got the veal. ^_^ Mm~... baby cow. XD Hey, us Meatians don't discriminate against the meats, you got it? Accompanying the veal was some pasta and a salad. Considering how eating salad is pratically a sin in itself, I let my friend have it, thus leaving me with just meat and pasta goodness. Aw man, life is good. XD

One brief "thanks": Aa~! Imouto sent me birthday stuffs and a letter! ^_^ And here I was, thinking that the entire online anime logging community forgot about me. You made me feel special, young one. Thanks. You'll be receiving a letter in return, you can bet on that (but I wouldn't advise you to bet much, it's bad).

Something amazing arrived for me today via UPS: Hori PS2 Soul Calibur II arcade sticks! Now that's what I'm talking about. XD Not only that, I got some PS2=>GC converters, so I can use it on my GC too! XD Man, I'm going to have so much fun now.... ^_^

That is all. This is the nineteen-year-old Tsubasa signing off.

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Oh gods, I'm so sorry Tsubasa-kun! I've been away from the computer for the last few days, and I didn't get back soon enough to give you timely birthday wishes. *contemplates throwing self off small hill in the back yard from shame* ;_;

Well, belatedly... I hope you had a wonderful birthday! 19 is such a great age, or at least I though so. I hope you'll find it to be so as well. ^__^

Posted by Vilya @ 04/12/2003 04:46 PM PST

okie i'm a day late. XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ =)

Posted by Yuki @ 04/12/2003 09:42 AM PST

Happy Birthday Tsubasa! You don't know me and I don't know you but hey! just dropping a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I love doing happy birthdays)

Posted by Daniel @ 04/12/2003 08:54 AM PST

WAAAAI! ANTIPASTOS! I love Antipastos, it's the best goddamn Italian restaurant in the parts of the world that AREN'T Italy (nothing beats tuscanian food, I'm sorry). Happy B-day Sensei! See you at ur gathering thingie!

Posted by Shelly @ 04/11/2003 10:55 PM PST

Happy Birthday Sampai hey are u going to see Cherry flower in JapanTown at Downtown? see ya around

Posted by Anthony nguyen @ 04/11/2003 08:05 PM PST

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