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04/12/2003 Archived Entry: "Birthday Party"

Mm~! Manju! =3 *munches on a pink one* I'm reminded of the image of Ayu munching on Taiyaki.... I've been playing Kanon. ^_^; Anyway, this manju is just one of the spiffy things that happened to me today because today was my birthday party.

Hm... using the word "party" would suggest some kind of structured gathering, so I suppose it may be kinda misleading; it was something more akin to a gathering of people. They flocked to my house about 11-1ish and stayed until about 6ish. They came. We played. We ate. We played some more. ^_^ Seriously, it was pretty much a fun, "lets just play" time. Aa~... I always love those kinds of things. ^_^ It was a nice break from my usual slacking off and having some slight worrying over schoolwork occasionally. Thank you everyone for coming. The party r0x0rz3d. XD As for presents, I got the before mentioned manju, a few cards, a Chobits vol 5 tankouban, a burned CD of Ayu stuffs, a giftcard to MediaPlay and associated stores, and assorted green stuffs. Thanks everyone. ^_^

As for school, things seem to be going rather smoothly. Just yesterday, I was in my chem class and we were going over stuff when my teacher said something along the lines of "well, you're supposed to be nearing the end of chapter 1 now." When I heard this, I was all "what!?" Honestly, I didn't know we were even supposed to start book stuff yet. ^_^; I suppose I need to look at that syllabus more often.... ^_^; As for math, I'm feeling that I can handle things if I try hard. Doesn't look like I can be all amazingly slackerful anymore. -_- My teacher's all like "you have to know your material inside and out because the quizes and tests are non-calculator affairs and you'll only have a limited amount of time to do them." O_o I'm scared. I can do it if I try, but hell, as if I've ever tried in school before.... ^_^;;

*sips tea* Aa~... it feels so good to be sitting here in front of the computer with a blanket around my legs and a warm cup of tea by my side. ^_^ Oh, the manju.... *takes another bite* ^_^ I don't know about you, but I'm pretty happy. I feel simple, but hell, I'm a simple happy. ^_^

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wah hoo =X sorry that i missed out.. AGAIN -_-. geh, I'll make up. and the Tina David thingy, lets do it! =D plan plan plan!

nice layout. it's all cute and purple ^^. Purple is pretty.

again, happy birthday David =)

Posted by Tina @ 04/13/2003 10:22 PM PST

Well, I guess I CANT email you. This comp is being a butt. Since I'm at the Metreon ^_^; I guess I should expect too much of it. Anyway, about your present, what do you want anyway? Plushie?? X3 Or tshirt? Or what? You seemed to like Allan's plushie thingy... So I guess I can get you one.. I just dont know what you like.. Maybe I should just call you... *tries to call* ...

Posted by Your Dollie.. Again ^_^; @ 04/13/2003 01:24 PM PST

X3 Thanks for all the fun David-kun! ^_^ It was great fun! =3 Well, I WILL try to visit you more often. I mean, I don guarantee anything, but I WILL twy =3 As for your present, I honestly didnt know what to get you. Plus the fact that I didnt know I was coming until the night before didnt help ^_^; I'm emailing you about it. SO CHECK YOU EMAIL, BUM! X3 Oh oh, btw: Dressing in your clothes was fun fun fun! ^__^

Posted by Your Dollie =3 @ 04/13/2003 01:16 PM PST

Party party party party party party party party party party party party...

Posted by Cinti @ 04/13/2003 07:58 AM PST

I'm really late, aren't I? I love the new layout, it's really cute and chirpy...

I also missed your birthday! O_o *dies* It's nice to hear that you had a good one....Happy Belated Birthday anyway! It's also great to hear that you're feeling happy. =D

Posted by Steph @ 04/13/2003 03:35 AM PST

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