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04/15/2003 Archived Entry: "Koosh Ball! XD"

Darn sappiness! I'm in one of those lovey-dovey, romanticy-smantically, sappy-wappy moods. Freakin' Full Moon wo Sagashite! *shakes fist* But nah, seriously, I don't feel this way too often. Generally, I'm very indifferent and emotionally detatched. I'm so not a romantic. Then every once in a while something like this happens and I feel all sappy-wappy again. I use the word "again" because I used to be something of a romantic or at least much more so than I am today. Darn anime, why must it try to tap into raw human emotions and manipulate them!? Heh heh... nah, actually, I like that part about anime. It's one of the few things that can reliably get me into these kinds of moods. Now here I am... just sitting here and being sappy. Friggin' a....

Lets talk about something else then, shall we? Hm... classes are going alright I suppose. I'm kinda not really doing any studying at home though.... ^_^; Man, I just keep getting more and more lazy. That's not a good thing. For chem and philosophy, I'm probably fine for now, but I'm actually starting to kinda fall behind in math. Darn integration requires so much knowledge of differentiation! Well, I'd think that'd be a given, but hell, they expect me to readily pull things from my head like the differentiation of tangent inverse? I always liked to use a chart for those kinds of things.... ;_;

*feels face* I just shaved. Is it just me or when you shave, the shaved area always feels unearthly smooth? The urge to feel... rising.... *feels face again* -_-

Oh, got the Xenogears Perfect Works book. XD You know how long I've wanted the thing? Well, since I learned that it existed. ^_^; I'm just glad that Kinokuniya had it in stock. Apparently it was re-run last August. How interesting....

Du bi du.... Uu! Green Koosh ball! *plays with green Koosh ball* XD

Hm... something to talk about.... Um... life is boring...? Oh! *notices window and runs on over to look out of it* Hey, where the hell are all the stars? I thought the street lights were designed to cut down on ambient light. -_- Psh, I think I'll go back to my Koosh ball then.... *happily plays with Koosh ball*

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lol! TSU-KUN WATCHED FMwS?!?! *glomps* ^^;; Mou, if you're not a total sap like me and you still felt that way... think of how I must have felt. You can say the feeling clung for a while.

Koosh ball... those are the rubbery things that have like two colours or something right? ^^;

Posted by Saga @ 04/16/2003 07:50 PM PST

hah hah hah, you're so cute David =P * tosses more green koosh balls*

Full Moon.. I need to see more of those =(

Posted by Tina @ 04/16/2003 11:29 AM PST

Man...I dunno if I should feel privledge that I don't have to shave or what ^^

Posted by Sai @ 04/16/2003 09:53 AM PST

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