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04/20/2003 Archived Entry: "Where's Waldo? *blink blink*"

Earlier I was kinda hungry and wanted something to snack on. Feeling the need for something warm, yet easy to prepare, I got a can of Where's Waldo Spagetti-Os. Yes, Where's Waldo. XD I miss that book. It was a great way to waste time as a child. ^_^ Anyway, I went for a can-opener. I actually went for a hand can-opener because well, 1. I have one in the house and 2. it's actually faster than an electric one if used correctly. The thing is though, it took me a while to figure out just exactly how to orient the thing. ^_^; Yeah, that's a problem I have with hand can-openers, they just look so funky, it takes me maybe three tries before I can figure out how to orient them correctly. ^_^;; OK, so I'm pathetic. I suppose the electric opener would have been easier, eh? Of course, this is a minor case, but imagine what would happen if I had to do more stuff manually; I'd be, like, so screwed. I'm glad there's something called "electricity." ^_^

Been up to more anime hijinks. ^_^ Finished up Full Moon last night. It's such a good series. I whole-heartedly recommend it if you're into shoujo. I suppose with the end of Full Moon behind me, I really needed to watch something else in its steed. That's why I started four new series today. ^_^; First, I watched the Pia Carrot Movie. OK, so it's not a series, but meh. Not a whole lot of substance, but very cute (OK, maybe just Tomomi *cough*). At least now when I import Pia Carrot 3, I'll know something about the girls ahead of time. ^_^ Second, I watched One. Um... I've gone through one episode thusfar and it seems kinda... strange.... I don't know... there's some kinda mystery going on in that series.... Didn't really draw me in, but I'll probably finish it considering how there's only four episodes. Third, I went through the available episodes--two--of Narue no Sekai. I've wanted to watch it since I saw a blurb about it in Newtype.... Not really what I expected, but still really fun. I read Hirayama, Narue's character designer, wanted her to look really cute and to have a captivating smile. I gotta say, I think he suceeded. -^^- Oh, I've kinda fallen in love with the ending song too. Gotta love the line: "I wasn't supposed to fall in love like this and it sort of irritates me." XD I don't know, I just find it really cute. Lastly, I watched (and still am watching) Piano. Back in the fall, when it began, I read that it was really slow, droning, and boring. Because of that, I figured that I'd like it. ^_^;;; The strange thing about me is that I don't care how slow a series is. I complain if things move too quickly, but too slowly, nah. The average day in Nomura Miu's life is just as eventful as a normal day in my life: i.e. nothing happens. You'd think that that'd be a big turnoff. Nope, actually, I really like the series. Slice-of-life series have been something of a recently acquired taste of mine (as they've only really come into their own rather recently). I know it won't be to most people's taste, but I genuinely really enjoy watching Piano. To each his own, eh?

That be all. See? My life is uneventful. Woe is me. I have to do something.... I suppose I'll just have to make it a bit more interesting by watching more Piano.... XD

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actually, i enjoyed piano moderately too. its soooo slow and NOTHING happens, but thats ok, because its kinda sweet and stuff...

then again i watched it at like, 3 am, when i was uber-bored and didn't wanna do HW either. so maybe if i watch more now, i wouldn't like it as much ^^;;;;;

i SHOUDL watch more... only got 1 episode under my belt so far ^^

Posted by dandan @ 04/22/2003 09:06 AM PST

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