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04/21/2003 Archived Entry: "Me Have Beef... Mm~... Beef...."

I now officially have a beef with the cafeteria at my school. What did it do to me? Well today, I went there with a few of my classmates after our chem lab. When I actually got in there, I remembered that well, I don't like the breakfast items they sell there. ^_^; This was at about 9:50, so I decided to wait a little bit until 10:00 to buy some lunch items. For their prices and quantities, they have some pretty decent fries. ^_^ The others finished picking out their items, so we went out and got a table. I went along because well, I didn't want to stand waiting. This is America, darnit! I won't stand unless I have to! XD After chatting for a little, I went back at about 10:00. They didn't have lunch out yet. -_- They said it would be done in maybe fifteen minutes. I thought "alright, that'll leave me fifteen minutes until lecture, so it should be fine." Fifteen minutes later: still no lunch items. -_- Now I don't know about you, but I think that's inexcusable. I know that in an establishment like that, the proper procedure is to start preparing lunch items before it's time to sell them. What the hell were they doing? It's extremely poor business practice to miss something as important as the menu changing time. Gwar....

When I got home, I hit the garage door opener, only to be greeted by an unopening garage door. I thought, "OK, I'll get closer," as the battery in my garage door opener is dying or something and doesn't exactly respond all the time. I got closer. Still nothing. Closer. Nothing yet again. I rolled down the window and extended my arm as far as I could to get as close as I could to the garage door. Nothing. -_- That's when my mom popped out of the front door and told me that there was a blackout. -_- Blackouts sux0rz, j0! Heh... how funny.... This follows my previous post saying that I'd be screwed without electricity. ^_^;;; Yeah, it was pretty bleh, but at least my friend Shelly popped by and we had some fun chatting and looking at some of my stuffs. w00t4g3! Eventually the power returned at... um... 3:30...? We took that opportunity to play some SCII. ^_^


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blackout sucks

Posted by Anthony @ 04/22/2003 07:34 PM PST

aaah ur so adorable David =P

Posted by Tea-chan @ 04/22/2003 06:46 PM PST

My you were having a bad day. ^^;; Un unfed David is a very unhappy one. ^^;;::steps back steadily:: B.

Posted by Hana @ 04/22/2003 01:09 PM PST

Yesh, always good to hang out with the David. ^__^. Need to hang out with the David more often, as he is not blessed enough with my presence.

Posted by Shelly @ 04/22/2003 06:49 AM PST

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