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04/22/2003 Archived Entry: "I Hope I Get the Photoshop... *Crosses Fingers*"

Here I am... not doing homework again.... *whistles*

Today, when I got out of class, I saw a series of tent-top-type booths things set up near the library at my school. I generally would ignore things like that because booths like that are, more often than not, club or organization information dealies. However, today something caught my eye: tech stuff. Well, what would you do if you went by and saw things like computers, mice, and packaged software? I'm such a sucker for tech stuff. ^_^; I went up to the place and, noting that there were no trackballs and there were *gasp* cordless mice in their place, I headed towards the packaged software. They had some nice stuff there. Things like Adobe and Macromedia software. ^_^ They had some Red Hat Linux too. Not that I know how to use it, I just think it's cool. I gotta learn one of these days.... The lady-type person for that booth approached me and told me that they were holding a "Dilbert look-a-like" contest for the De Anza students and asked me to cast a ballot for one of the contestants (of which there were two ^_^;). Initially, I was all "nah, I think I'll pass because I personally don't care," but then she mentioned getting candy for voting.... You know I couldn't pass that one up. No sir-y. XD After casting my vote and getting a little Twix bar to munch on, she told me that they were also having a raffle for cool merchandise dealies. I looked over the stuff and nothing especially impressed me, but then I happened to see that they had Photoshop 7 up there. ^_^ Apparently, to participate in the raffle, I had to take a little slip of paper and get stamps from the various companies that were there. In total, I had to get three stamps, so I though "oh hell" and went for it. I did it pretty quickly and turned it in. Hope I get that Photoshop. ^_^

I picked up some Tapioca Express chicken on the way home today. Actually, it was kinda past my way home, so I went there and backtracked to get home. ^_^; I haven't had any in a while, so I suppose I was having withdrawl. I got myself my usual: some nice level 5 chicken. ^_^ It has been a while since I've dined on Ioca chicken, so I kinda lost some of my spice-eating edge, but oh well. Pain builds character. ^_^ And this is the funny part: the chicken was especially spicy today. Not that I'm complaining. XD Spicy food = goodful. Remember that. Remember it well.

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psh-wah!! this layout is so cute =^^= though if it was a guy on the layout... *will be glomping the guy =p*
i'm sorry for not visiting for so long, tsubasa-san. i've been quite apathetic about blogging and everything relating to it...

BUT! you seem you have had an interesting day. when i go to an eletronics store i'd go over and take a peek at the fast arse, new computers... the scanner (i want one ._.).. it's amazing how technology is these days!

I hope you get that Adobe 7.0! XDD It's no different, but since it's for freeee... lol xD

You know.. I never knew Tapioca Express had chicken o_O I did assume Tapioca had some type of food besides berverages.. >_>
*honestly doesn't know what to order from Tapicoa Express*

Posted by mizuki @ 04/23/2003 04:29 PM PST

Haha, I'm like you^^ I couldn't resist computer stuff, have some sort of attraction towards it...It's like, you see all these cool computer stuff like lightpens, drawing tablets and software and DVD/CD writers...whenever I have the money I go spend them, whenever I don't I glomp at them^^

Posted by Sal @ 04/22/2003 09:28 PM PST

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