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04/24/2003 Archived Entry: ""Oh Yeah, He's Dead""

My philosophy teacher's a real riot, he is. ^_^ He has a tendency to say some really amusing things, often with profanities littered throughout. Just today, the phone rang in class. He expressed that he didn't wish to pick it up, but he did anyway. And here is how things went:
*picks up phone*
"Who are you looking for!?"
"Oh yeah, he's dead."
*hangs up*
The class got a good chuckle out of that. I know I did. XD Even funnier, he said afterwards that during that pause, the person on the other end didn't even say anything. I suppose he was probably really surprised by that opening line there. ^_^ But otherwise, today we went over some Plato philosophy. I'm fascinated by Socrates and Plato stuff. I suppose it's because I like to think like them. Socrates did essentially set the foundation for modern logical reasoning (which I quite happen to like ^_^). We aren't going over much in terms of their reasoning though. It seems like the main focus of the course up until this point is the metaphysical aspects of various early philosophies: the Upanishads, Taoists, and now the early Greeks. Metaphysics are fascinating in their own respect, but I want to go over some other stuff too.... ;_;

Where the hell DOES all my time go these days? It seems like I get home, go on the computer, and *bam* before I know it, it's late at night and I don't care to stay up anymore. o_O It really feels like the days are getting shorter and shorter or something. I don't even do anything on the computer either! And still then, so much time passes.... I want my daytime hours back! ;_;

Did anyone read this article on AX? This is some pretty serious stuff here. If it turns out to be true, AX is so messed up. I'll have to keep on this story. Apparently there's going to be an outside audit sometime soon, so lets see what that turns up....

True, it was one of my worse downtimes, but really now, I wasn't exactly depressed by any means. I was literally better by the next morning. It was a trivial problem, but I'm allowed to let my emotions run away with me for a matter of hours, aren't I? ^_^; Every person should be allowed to feel sadness, but having any kind of "deep emotional problem" for most teenagers seems like a bunch of bull to me. As I said, there are some legitimate reasons to get deeply emotional. It's just a personal observation that many things that most teenagers are complaining about aren't legitimate reasons in my opinion. I don't mind if they complain, but if they start contemplating suicide or something, then then they're stupid. I just don't think people should be squandering their lives with "emotional drama" when their valuable time can be spent doing something more productive.

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I can recall instances in high school where the teachers loath answering the phone. It's just plain annoying for them to receive a phone call mid-lecutre and send out one of his/her students. Do they send slips to students to pull them out of De Anza classes like in Piedmont, or is it solely the phone?

Anyway, sorry for my lack of comments for awhile. Just don't like reading blogs very much... Hey you had a lot of layouts! I should check them out..sometime...lazy...

Posted by SLM @ 04/26/2003 01:18 PM PST

Haha, our philosophy teacher is also a funny one, and I like philosophy because you can insult people and they won't even know what you're talking about (hahaha just jk)
Anyways, we learn about religion, mostly, since our course is combination of religious and philosophy education^^

Posted by Sal @ 04/26/2003 04:42 AM PST

Head...spinning... there's so much behind AX I didn't know about! Almost makes me want to make my own con (management sounds like fun, a good hobby for me considering I'm so depressed lately. Just as long as I don't get it too big -.- )


Posted by Suspicious @ 04/25/2003 10:29 PM PST

You have an... interesting... philosophy teacher. Very funny. ^-^ And as for your time, I dont know what you do with it, but you what you SHOULD do with it, is go on AIM!!!! X3

Posted by Xiao Long @ 04/25/2003 04:27 PM PST

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