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04/26/2003 Archived Entry: "Version 18"

Just Wingin' It version 18: "Romance"

Mireille + Art Deco = well... I don't know what it equals, but hell, it's appropriate. ^_^;; Just two days or so, I was listening to "Romance" on the first Noir OST and inspiration struck me. This is the end result of that inspiration. When I think of Mireille, one of the first words that pops into my mind is "style" or "stylish" or whatever. Those are also words I'd associate with the art deco style. To actually do some art deco-esque designs though, I had to do some research. I kinda knew what art deco looks like, but to make an entire layout.... Good thing for me, there are a few good art deco sites out there on the net. ^_^ As for the design itself, well, I think it looks pretty spiffy, but there is one main thing I would have liked to have turned out better: Mireille's placement. She looks spiffy the way she is, but dang, it covers up too much of the design work I did. -_-; Oh well, enough shows through for you to get the idea. Mental note: next time try to integrate the image while designing the background. -_-;; All in all though, it's not bad. It's definately better than my last few layouts, which, I think, were really lacking. I'm glad I spent time working on defined objects because art deco happens to favor bold outlines. ^_^

*cough* Oh, I didn't notice that.... ^_^;;; Thanks for pointing that out, Saka.

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I love the background work in this layout... it would look nice even without that picture of Mireille. Hmm, but you spelled "starring" wrong. Unless you meant "staring". :B

Posted by Saka @ 04/27/2003 08:26 AM PST

Nice =D

er.. eh.. * ahem*.. deh -_-. =X

Posted by Tea @ 04/26/2003 02:18 PM PST

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