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04/26/2003 Archived Entry: "Mm~... Lobster..."

I'm at my uncle's house right now. I'm typing on his little laptop. ^_^ Let me just say, those little rubber knobs are really annoying. -_- I suppose I'd rather have a touchpad, which is saying a lot because I hate those too. ^_^; I miss my Expert Mouse....

So why am I over at the uncle's? Well, today he invited my family over for some dinner. Now he's pretty well off. He's not exactly living in luxury, but he's making a good sum of money; enough to live easily in the vicious Silicon Valley area. But even knowing that, I was nowhere near prepared for what I was treated to tonight: a full lobster to myself and a good number of oysters, plenty for me to take however many I wanted (I think he got sixty in all). Yeah, impressive, eh? Of course, he's not stupid or rich enough to be eating like this or even half of this reguarily. He kinda splurged today. I'm glad I was here when he decided to do it. XD Aw man, first we had the oysters. I got a good few of them and then out came the lobster. Mm~... lobster.... The lobsters were really good too. The meat was really flavorful and they were prepared with butter. *smacks lips* Only downside: I got vegetables with that lobster. -_- Must they try to mess up my meal? ^_^ Upon finishing my lobster, and a few claws my grandparents didn't want, I got even more oysters. We had a few more and no one wanted to eat anymore. I didn't complain. ^_^ Yeah... that was a pretty good meal....

The old folks don't understand me! -_- Earlier, they were complaining about how I wear jackets and button-up shirts unbuttoned. Apparently, they can't understand why I do it. I can go "but it looks cool!" all I want, but they wouldn't listen. They're too set in their old ways and say that it looks ridiculous and messy. My dad likes to make jabs at me every once in a while for dressing like such. He thinks I do it because I'm trying to copy anime characters; just because he once saw some guy with an unbuttoned shirt. -_- He has yet to understand that it's a common thing among the youth of America. Psh.

I'm glad I'm over here. I brought my Gamecube and I'm playing SCII. ^_^ I'm really feeling the hurt though. He has a HD-TV ready TV and here I am, without a component cable. ;_; I want my SCII in progressive scan glory! ;_; Thus is my pathetic fate. Darn it all! *kicks fate*

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Don't listen to what your family's saying about your fashion! I think you look cool with the button-up shirts unbottoned, hehe. ^_^

Mmm....lobster sounds good. I honestly can't remember the last time I've eaten any.

Posted by Megumi-chan @ 04/27/2003 07:44 PM PST

o_o;.. sorry for the double posting.. I realized.. THAT YOU LIVE IN THE SAME CITY I DO. o_o;;.. oh ok. xD

Posted by rydia @ 04/27/2003 03:57 PM PST

Nyaaa you had lobster? Boy that IS a luxury^^
New layout, Noir ne! ^.^
Actually you're the second guy that I know who loves anime girls^^ The other people all like One Piece and that sort of stuff. anyways this other guy, I think he's crazier than you are, he loves Kanon and various other cute girl game characters and his web layout are Pink...

Posted by Sal @ 04/27/2003 03:56 PM PST

niyah~! o_o pretty pretty layout. @-@ of course noir kicks ass. hur. :3!

Posted by rydia @ 04/27/2003 03:55 PM PST

Look, look!!! *Another anime girl* XDD [it's evident tsubasa really loves anime girls =3]

Iyah... Lobster... I haven't eaten that for so long..
Relatives _are_ funny *nods* My mother talks about me to my aunts, uncles and grandparents so much >_> Every single little detail.. especially when I want to do something that my mother err.. 'disapproves' of but must consult others about it.

Posted by mizuki @ 04/27/2003 03:40 PM PST

hehe Poor David ^^' * patpat* welp, at least you got a really good meal =D I'd sure go for a lobster right now.. mmm lobster XO~

Relatives are funny ^^'

Posted by T-Chan @ 04/26/2003 08:57 PM PST

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