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04/27/2003 Archived Entry: "I Want to Manage MY Finances!"

It seems that my mom has been checking the balance for my checking account. -_- Today she came up to me and told me that she did it on Friday and proceded to give me a lecture about how to spend money. I've used up most of my funds in the account, so she felt the need to tell me that I should spend my money more wisely. First thing's first: what the hell gives her the right to check up on my account!? It's my freakin' money. I can manage it myself! -_- Second: I don't know about you peoples, but I like it when I'm forced to save my money. I know that may kinda sound strange, but hear me out. Since I've opened this account, I was given money by my mom from my savings to deposit into this checking account. Each and every time I got money, I spent it rather frivilously. Why? Well, to have money essentially given to me just doesn't seem right. It feels like disposable cash. I don't know why, but I feel that way. So I planned to spend most of the money and then save up from my weekly $20 allowance; maybe deposit $10 a week. Unfortunately, I spent the money, but more money came along. This happened maybe two, three times and each time it seemed like a big coincidence because, well, there were good reasons for me to get the money. Last time though, I had some suspicions. My mom just, one day, gave me more money. It seemed rather out of the blue. I complained, but she convinced me enough for me to believe that she just wanted me to have some extra money. However, in light of today's findings, I'm now certain that she checked up on my balance then too. -_- Darn it all! I don't want more money. It's just going to sit there and stare at me saying: "spend me! I'm not hard-earned cash, so it's OK!" I want to earn my money. I want to go through the pain of waiting, saving, and misering. That'll teach me how to spend money. My mom doesn't understand that. She says that she's going to give me more money again and she's going to monitor my account transactions until she figures I can spend money more wisely. -_- And it's not like I have a choice; she has my account number and everything she needs to check over the phone. Freakin' a! I was rather perturbed, but not too much anymore. I never really seem to hold onto any kind of emotions too long.... Took less than an hour for me to cool off. Right now I'm just rather annoyed and angry. *shakes fist*

Now I'm bored. So that I'll have something to do, here's a survey. I picked this one because it's particuarily inane:
1. [Spell your name backwards]: Divad
2. [Where do you live?]: San Jose, CA
3. [Describe yourself in 4 words]: I am a guy
4. [Who/WHAT is your worst enemy?]: N/A
5. [If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?]: A cat as lazy as me. XD
6. [What is the latest you've ever stayed up]: Um... I think I stayed up the entire night once, but I'm not sure.... You know how you get when you're really sleepy and you can't tell what's happening anymore...? Yeah.... If I didn't, then 4:00-5:00 AM.
7. [Ever been to Belgium?]: No
8. [What's your favorite coin?]: Arcade machines only take quarters.... ^_^

9. [Wallet]: It's black, I think leather (could be fake), and is slightly falling apart. It's not really noticable, but the part that holds my cards is kinda detatching itself from the rest of the wallet.
10. [Brush]: Psh, I don't use those. Or combs for that matter.
11. [Toothbrush]: It's electric and oscilates between clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning when it's turned on. It's getting kinda scraggily. I should change the head....
12. [Jewelry worn daily]: I suppose you could say my watch.... I've never really considered watches "jewelry" though. Just saying it because they can be found in the jewelry section of a department store.
13. [Pillow cover]: It's white with blue stripy-plaidy patterns on it. I'm not about to go into more detail.
14. [Blanket]: Three of them: a sheet that matches my pillow cover, a thick fuzzy one that has a picture of a teddy bear on it, and a quilt that's predominantly blue, but with other colorful patches on it.
15. [Coffee cup]: I don't do coffee.
16. [Sunglasses]: I used to have some with green lenses, but after they broke, I've been sunglass-less.
17. [Underwear]: ... ... ... They're white briefs....
18. [Shoes]: Green Vans. Yes, GREEN. I can't tell you how many times people have insisted that they're brown. -_-
19. [Handbag]: I kinda don't carry one.... I would like one of them Piro (Megatokyo) bags though.... ^_^
20. [Favorite top]: Some misc t-shirt from my closet....
21. [Favorite pants]: Some misc khaki pants from my closet....
22. [Cologne/Perfume]: None
23. [CD in stereo right now]: Nothing in the Bose. Or the car stereo for that matter.... I kinda removed the Noir OST 1 from it on Friday to listen to it in the house.
24. [Tattoos]: None
25. [Piercings]: None
26. [Wearing]: Those Asian-print flannel pajamas. It's white with a lot of green rectangles all about....
27. [Hair]: Slightly messy because it was left to air dry without gel.
28. [Makeup]: Sorry to disappoint you, but none.

WHAT/WHO (is/are)
29. [In my mouth]: Strawberry Pocky. Yum.
30. [In my head]: Actually, thoughts of Chisa kinda just ran through my head. ^_^;
31. [Wishing]: Nothing in particular.
32. [After this]: Probably going to type something up for chem because I'm not sure if it's due tomorrow or not, but I'll do it to make sure.
33. [Talking to]: Myself. Does that count?
34. [Eating]: Strawberry Pocky.
35. [Do you like candles]: What's not to like about fi-... I mean... candles.... XD
36. [Do you like hot wax]: Not particuarily.... It's not like it need it to seal letters or anything....
37. [Do you like incense]: It's smelly. Some incense is alright, but most of the time, it's too smelly. Not exactly delightful if you ask me.
38. [Do you like the taste of blood]: Not particuarily.
40. [If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?]: N/A
41. [Person you wish you could be with right now]: *shrugs*
42. [What/Who is next to you]: My schoolwork littered on either side of the chair...?
43. [What do you want done with your body when you die]: Does it matter? I'll be dead. Why should I care how my body's disposed of?
44. [Do you believe in love]: Yes
45. [Do you believe in soulmates]: Well... there's no reason not to.... Of course, I can't find any good reason to either....
46. [Do you believe in love at first sight]: It's possible. I guess that would be a "yes."
47. [Do you believe in Heaven]: It could be out there....
48. [Do you believe in forgiveness]: Yes. I make it a common practice of mine to forgive everyone. It may just be because I never really care about anything, but I do it.
49. [Do you believe in God]: I don't not believe in Him....
50. [What's something you wish you could understand better]: Maybe my calc...?

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-yoinks David survey- >=3

Posted by Xiao Long @ 04/30/2003 11:15 PM PST

Ahhh!! My mom does the same thing. Now that she doesn't allow me to buy more anime and manga stuff she checks on my account regularly, that is sooooo frikin' annoying!

Posted by Sal @ 04/28/2003 09:36 PM PST

i'm a hypocrite... but i love the hiatus layout for voice so much ;_; *can't resist gackt and hyde* =9

Psh-waiiii... *starry eyes* When you have money, eventually you end up spending it ._. You need to tell your mom you want your hard earned money, not money that your mom's putting into your account. Suggest to her to give you an amount of time without her money help.

Pockyy.. shorooo~~~

Posted by mizuki @ 04/28/2003 03:49 PM PST

I haven't filled out a good survey like that in a good while. About the whole money thing. Darn your mom for atempting to make you learn about the wise-spending that way. Of course you're gonna be conscience of your money if you've worked for it. Although I bet your income from the movies awhile back went directly into anime. Why don't you come and relearn the missed lession of money with me and FIND AND JOB. Come on ya know you wanna help me look. Who knows we could work together ^_^''

Posted by Anthony L. @ 04/27/2003 11:10 PM PST

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