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04/30/2003 Archived Entry: "I Don't Like GGXX Notation"

Yeah, let me reinterate: studying sucks. I don't like integration at all. I suppose it's not too horrid, but I still don't have all them identities and integration-charts down pat. I have a test on Friday too. -_- Not only that, I have a test in Chem too. -_- It wouldn't be hard at all, but with this math test to study for too, it's going to be a pain. Gwar! *shakes fist*

I've been in the mood to improve my Guilty Gear XX game. I used to play GGX, but I never really did get too good at it, not to mention, GGXX has Bridget, who's darn fun to play. ^_^ For now though, Buri is my secondary; May's still my primary. Mine eyes burn! I'm not used to the notation for GGXX strat. I can follow SC commands like 2365632B, 23659KA, GI, bG, BK, 4B, GI, A+KK and 6B, 214B, 3A+KA~214->WP, WP B+K with relative ease, but when I'm confronted with things like 63214+K, j.K-H (land), j.K-H-D or 623+S 63214+K, 236236+S - 6HS, it takes me a little while to read it. It bugs me. *shakes fist* Oh well, I'll tough it out and hopefully make my May killer. Fear the little girl with the huge anchor! XD Thinking about it, I really should stop asking for punishment. I seem to gravitate towards the lower tier characters in fighting games. ^_^; Well... well... they're fun to play.... And besides, I've always liked the idea of taking a crappy character and beating those who are playing technically better characters. May is, like, bottom tier material. ^_^;; Aye....

Oh, on the subject of games, register for iRO! XD You know you want to. Besides, this trial period is free. Yes, free. It couldn't hurt to at least sign up. I'm sure you're bored enough if you're reading this log. XD Join and we shall play! I'm sure you don't need much info. It's a big buzz right now. You've probably read up on it on other logs already. Anyway, join up and I'll help you. It's fun.... XD

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;-;.. I'm afraid to sign up for iRO. o_o;.. and I have a poor 56k. ;-;.. *cries* eee.

Posted by Rydia @ 05/02/2003 06:02 PM PST

Wah, I need to play Guilty Gear XX some more, I SUCK MONKEY BRAINS. XD Not to mention the movement of the Bridget character is kinda disturbing....@@;; I want to work on Anji some more. =P

Posted by Hana @ 05/02/2003 05:16 PM PST

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