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05/02/2003 Archived Entry: "Why Won't it be Sunny?"

The week is finally over. -_- Oh my freakin' gosh, I hated this week. For one thing, we had the stupidest lab in chem both lab periods this week and I didn't even finish it! ;_; I'm going to falsify some data because I really don't feel like coming in during an open lab period and redoing it. I'm sick and tired of it. Then, today, I had two tests: chem and calc. Oh man, I don't think I did well on either test. It sucks. If I were a worrysome person, I'd worry right now. But I'm not, so nyeh.

On the bright side, RO's back up! ^_^ Haven't been able to play it for hours on end (as I would like to), but things are good and it feels good to be back in the world of Rune-Midgard. Since I got to redistribute stats, my characters are so idealized. No wasted stat points. I suppose that's a good thing, but it feels too easy if you ask me.... People are supposed to make mistakes, darnit! Oh well, whatever. I'm enjoying myself. It helps after such a crappy week. ^_^

The weather around here is so crappy. It's well into spring now and it's raining outside quite a few days. In fact, I can hear the rain from my seat in front of the computer right now. *sigh* Spring is my favorite season. It's the season I associate with a lot of growth and vegetation. It's when nature puts forth its most grandeous display. Why does my spring have to be ruined by rain? I want sun and pretty plants.... I want to go take my 50-feet dragon kite to go play in the park or something. I haven't flown a kite in a while....

Eh... that's it for now.

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o_o.. okay! I registered for RO. T-T.. but.. I can't download the client.. and since I can't download the client.. my friend is sending it. xD!! Indeed.. California weather is weird.. o_o first you have rain, then sunshine, then it's windy, then it's rain & sunshine. arg. >_

Posted by Rydia @ 05/04/2003 06:55 PM PST

Ahh man RO doesn't seem as fun anymore. I still enjoy our group outings very much so though. I don't really have a set hat that I want except the sweet gent. I guess I could revive my search for it! Lets organize some sort of hunt soon. I'm thinking monday or thursday would be good for me.

Posted by Anthony L. @ 05/04/2003 05:46 PM PST

Nyaaa!!! First to comment^^
Well, seems like people are playing RO everywhere...I feel left out -_-

Posted by Sal @ 05/04/2003 04:44 PM PST

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