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05/04/2003 Archived Entry: "Death"

This morning, when I came out of my room, my mom told me the most unexpected thing: one of my sister's friends died. Maybe not one of her best friends, but a friend none-the-less. I was... well... surprised. She told me that there was an article in the newspaper about it, so she showed it to me and I read it. Apparently he got hit on the highway by a big-rig of some sort. Now why he was apparently not known, but he was there and he got hit. Interestingly enough, this is the closest person I've ever had to me die. Sure, he's not close at all, being my sister's not quite so close friend, but I've never had someone like my friend or a family member die before in my lifespan. I suppose you could say I was a little taken aback. Nothing amazing, but I was all "dang, that sucks" for a while. Suppose most people would say something like this right about now: "this goes to show that human life is fragile and can end at any moment; I'm glad that I still have plenty of people close to me alive." Well, I'm not like most people. I'm not going to get all sappy like that. Sure, I'm glad that I still have all my friends and family, but I feel grateful all the time already. And besides, it's my belief that a person dies when he dies, so I'm not going to go on about it's not his time or it's not how he should die. Death happens. It's a natural part of the cycle of life. I think people think too much about death. Most probably because they're afraid of it. I can't say if I fear death or not (I don't know myself), but I understand that it's natural and shouldn't be questioned too deeply.

Onto something less nyeh... um... I was intending to write this yesterday, but I got caught up on RO. ^_^; Um... timewarp to yesterday! Woosh!
Aa~... the youngin's are off to their prom tonight. Yeah, my friends from my former high school have their junior prom tonight. They seem so excited. I can't really blame them I suppose. I feel like an old fuddy-duddy. Prom has lost its "specialness" to me. I remember, back in the day, I was like everyone else: "it's a special night! I'll remember this forever!" I suppose after my junior prom, that just kinda went away. At the time, I felt that it was a special event. Sometime during my senior year, that changed to: "it's a big, expensive dance." It might be a little fun and I might look pimp in a tux (haha, j/k, I don't know), but darnit, it's not something to get too worked up over. Look at that fading romantic in me.

I got Kanon Kanahana! XD OMG! MORE KANON!!!! XD XD XD XD XD If you can't tell, I love Kanon. One of my favorite anime series it be. Kanahana's so cool. I'm glad to see how everyone's doing after the end of the series. Not only that, the focus is on Nayuki this time! Yay! Nayuki's not ignored anymore! ^_^;; Too bad it was only a special gift to only those who bought all the DVDs. I'm certain that many Kanon fans weren't able to get it because of that. And it's worth it for Nayuki. Finally, we get to see a little into her thoughts. Yeah, she's cool. Still doesn't top Shiori and definately not Makoto, but she's a good third place and hell, that's not bad. ^_^

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Waai~~ *squeeshies Tsubasa* It's been so long T___T;;;

Ne ne, Tsubasa-kun, I'm playing RO again too! Fufufu, I'm sorry for your sister's friend!!

Kanon~!! Waaii *thumbs up* That is the best anime x3;

Posted by Maki @ 05/05/2003 07:38 PM PST

ahhhh you have Kanon Kanahana?! Mou~ Have to still get that ... soon.

Ne ne, what's Tsu-kun's RO Character name?? ^^;; I so need to stop playing it x_x;; Studyy... but wahhh it's too fun. *Cough*

Posted by Saga @ 05/05/2003 09:11 AM PST

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