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05/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Last Iron Chef? ;_;"

School today was just cool. Not only did I do better than I thought I would on my calc test, I answered a good number of the questions correctly on our philosophy review thingy. Yes, I am good. And to think, I didn't really try studying until maybe last week. Dang, I want easier classes. I don't want to study at all. ^_^; Oh well, life isn't that easy, so I guess I'll just have to suck it up and bear it. *sigh*

I just remembered something I wanted to talk about on Friday. ^_^;; Below it follows:
I saw the last episode of Iron Chef! It was so cool! Apparently, they're stopping production of new shows for some reason. No! I like my Iron Chef! ;_; Sakai Hiroyuki is the man. That's why he won the title of the best Iron Chef. ^_^ Not only that, he beat some French guy by the name of Passard who's considered to be "the best chef in the world," so now he's "the best chef in the world." XD Yeah, Sakai is pimp. Dang, getting this worked up over a cooking show.... The Japanese know how to make anything exciting. You want a good example? Hikaru no Go. I need not say more. ^_^

Hm... seems like RO is spreading throughout the anime logging community. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Seems like people are finally catching on. That's great. We should, like, have some kind of gathering of some sort sometime, somehow of however many people we can gather. That'd be so cool. For your information, I'm playing a level 60/31 priestess by the name of "Wisteria." I also have a swordie and another aco (battle build), but I'm primarily on Wist. If you care to chat with me, and play on Chaos, feel free to message me. Although, if I'm doing any leveling or fund-raising, I'll be in Glast Heim using the status recovery + turn undead combo, so I might be somewhat unresponsive. That kinda work takes a lot of micromanagement, don'tcha know? Anyway, message me and I'll be glad to help in any way (tanking, supporting, etc.) or just to chat. See you on RO. ^_^

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You did well on Calc test, good! *thumbs up* I have my Eng Lit exam IN TEN MINUTE'S TIME X.X

Posted by Sal @ 05/06/2003 09:47 PM PST

Sakai is not good. Chen should won..... im sorry for disagree with you :P

Posted by anthony nguyen @ 05/06/2003 06:53 PM PST

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