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05/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Cassie on PSM!!! XD"

Agh! I haven't posted in so long. Kinda wanted to last night, but couldn't because the sister's friends were over and they needed the computer for some pretty important stuff.

You see, the sister returned this weekend to go to her friend's funeral. I mentioned that her friend died a few entries ago? Yeah, that guy's funeral. In commemeration of the guy, her friends and her are assembling this book-thingy that has a bunch of stuff written about him and pictures for his family. It's a really kind gesture, really. Being that the funeral is pretty much happening right now (the next morning), they had to do it last night to get it done in time.

Hm... so... how have my past few days been? Again, nothing spectacular. I got my test back in chem. >.< Oh dang, it's just about as bad-like as I expected it to be, which means it's pretty darn bad. Being that I spent time trying to get down my calc, I figured I could slack off on my chem because I've taken it before. I guess not. You forget a lot over the course of three years you do. -_- I guess I'll have to take chem studying seriously from now on. Gwar....

In something of a departure from the norm, I went over to my friend Dez's house yesterday. Did some pretty fun stuff with her. Beat a boss she was having trouble with in Xenosaga, watched some TV, and talked about the perfect murder. ^_^ It's been something of a fascination of mine to put together the perfect murder. It has been said that it cannot be done and true, there can never be a perfect murder. Perfection is an ideal, not an achievable plateau. However, there can be near-perfect, identity-is-undiscoverable murders. This fascination began one day as I was chatting with my cousin from southern California. I don't remember exactly why, but we talked about it and we came up with some pretty good stuff. Nothing we figured that would be full-proof enough, but it was still good stuff. Yesterday, I talked it over with Dez and we added a little, but not a whole lot. She thought my ideas were rather ingenious. ^_^ Oh, don't worry, I'm not planning on ever using my plans. I have no reason to kill anyone. I just want to figure something out for the challenge in it all. Must foil forensics.... ^_^

On the way home from Dez's house, I popped by the Great Mall and picked up the newest PSM. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the magazine. The only gaming publication I actually care for is EGM. But this issue of PSM was special. Adorning the cover be Cassandra Alexandra of Soul Calibur II. XD It's the swimsuit issue and she was chosen as the covergirl. I can't say I particuarily care much for the art though.... It's beautiful art, but I just don't really care much for the style. But darnit, I bought it for the principle behind it. It has Cassie on it! XD Yeah, that's $5 worth of principle right there.... ^_^;

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Is Battle Royale an anime?

Posted by yellow boy @ 05/17/2003 10:04 PM PST

Perfect killing? LoL... you are so weird... and also ... i know you talked about me and how you'd kill me! you evil *#$*%@#*$

Posted by yellwo boy @ 05/17/2003 10:03 PM PST

Nyaaa it must be sad to lose a friend...
Anyways have you heard of Dengeki G's? Well, I tell you that if you buy it you will love it to death, they have all this info and pictures of cute girl game characters from games like Kanon, Air, and recently released games too^^ Buy if you see it, it's worth it^^

Posted by Sal @ 05/11/2003 04:34 AM PST

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